Want a Beautiful Wedding Video? 8 Reasons To Shoot It Yourself!

Don’t want to miss any of the action on your wedding day? Shoot It Yourself allow your friends and family to capture every second of your special day in both the most heartfelt and hilarious ways that will leave you glad you did it! Let the most creative family members and guests release their inner videographer to capture the highlights of your day in the most personal and relaxed way and maybe even a few humorous moments you weren’t there to witness!

Capture all the action

With your friends in charge of the filming, not only will your guests feel more comfortable leaving messages but you will too, meaning the footage is more fun, informal and meaningful! Check out this video which explains why it is totally different from hiring a wedding videographer >>


It is super easy!

It’s not as hard as videographers would have you believe! All of the cameras are broadcast quality, fully automatic and they come with awesome online video tutorials to show people how to make the filming even more fun!

Want a Beautiful Wedding Video? 8 Reasons To Shoot It Yourself!

No time limit

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Unlike a hiring a videographer, there is no time limit to your filming time, no second takes and no stranger following you around. You’ll have the cameras for four whole days and no restrictions to worry about!


Professional editing

Becs and Andrea, who started Shoot It Yourself, spent 10 years directing TV programmes so they know what they’re doing when it comes to editing a good narrative. With their team of highly skilled editors they’ve successfully edited hundreds of wedding videos since so you know your finished video edit will be in good hands.

Recommended by real brides

Not sure whether you can ask your friends? In a recent survey, 94% of those who had filmed a friend’s wedding would recommend it to other friends and offer to film it for them too. 96% described the finished video as ‘amazing’.

Want a Beautiful Wedding Video? 8 Reasons To Shoot It Yourself!

The biggest regret…

Ask your married friends what they think! Most couples who don’t get a video of their big day say that it is one of their biggest regrets. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You eat the food, the flowers will die eventually but the video and the photos will be there forever.

Want a Beautiful Wedding Video? 8 Reasons To Shoot It Yourself!

Pack your memories

Getting married abroad? Why not take the Shoot It Yourself cameras in your hand luggage with you? Shoot It Yourself are hugely popular with couples who are getting married abroad and don’t fancy hiring the local videographer. Check out their fantastic wedding video packages to see how Shoot It Yourself can even work for you destination wedding!

5-star reviews

Shoot It Yourself are proud to have over 70 5-star reviews on their hugely followed Facebook page and have even filmed their own testimonial video that you can see right here! >>


Don’t regret not factoring a wedding video into your budget!