Get the perfect wedding venue ideas you deserve with these expert tips. From picking a date to catering and more, we’re here to help you.

 wedding venue ideas

  1. Picking a date
    It’s important to pick a date that suits your wedding venue ideas and also your budget. You may find booking a mid-week date gives you spare funds for all the little extras you have in mind. Also, if you’re not superstitious, Friday 13th can be a very affordable date!
  2. Are there photo opportunities inside and out?
    You can never be sure of the weather in this country, even in summer, but worrying about the weather is the last thing you need on the big day. Make sure your wedding venue offers good spots for photographs, even on a rainy day.
  3. Overnight accommodation
    Your wedding day will pass in a flash, so make sure you try to stretch it out over a few days if you can. Choose a venue with accommodation for you and your guests the night before as well as the night of your wedding and savour every minute you have with your closest family and friends all in one place.
  4. Two-for-one celebrations
    If you opt for a civil ceremony, try to arrange your reception at the same venue. You’ll find your wedding day is a lot more relaxed if you and your guests don’t have to move around. You’ll also save on transport costs by doing this.


  1. In-house chefs
    Food is a very important part of any wedding reception and a good team of chefs working in their own kitchen is the perfect ingredient here. Make sure you talk to your venue’s chefs about your ideas, likes and dislikes in the run up to your big day to avoid any disappointments. They may even offer fun taster evenings where you can make your food decisions.
  2. What is important to you?
    It’s your wedding, so don’t be afraid to ask ethical questions. Do they use free-range meat and eggs, or Fairtrade tea and coffee? This should come as standard in good wedding venues today and if it’s important to you then don’t be shy to ask. Most venues will be more than willing to assist with this.
  3. What about the bar?
    Your wedding venue may not allow a pre-paid bar, or have a license for post-midnight drinks, so you should check this in advance and discuss your options. Table service during the reception and evening drinks should come as standard.
  4. Do you have any contacts?
    Having a venue that can recommend professionals like a stylist for your hair and make-up, or a resident DJ, will take some stress away from your planning. The venue will only choose people they have worked with before so they will most likely be experienced, trusted and know the venue well.
  5. Don’t waste money needlessly
    Your guests will appreciate canapés at the drinks reception far more than an upgrade on the Champagne. They’d almost certainly prefer to be inside with a generous bar tab than outside in the cold watching fireworks, too!
  6. Savvy co-ordinators
    Your venue’s wedding co-ordinator is there to help make your wedding day perfect, so make the most of them. They are almost certain to have some great ideas you hadn’t thought of!
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