The hashtag #WeddingHacks has a whopping 103 million views on TikTok. From ways to keep your wedding stress-free to theme and location inspiration, TikTok is clearly a source of enlightenment for couples planning their weddings worldwide. Here, we pick out the top wedding trends and hacks for the year ahead according to the most popular hashtags on the app.

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Biggest TikTok Wedding Trends & Hacks

You might think ‘Gen Z’ when this app comes to mind, but TikTok has a whole wealth of information and spectacular wedding ideas for whichever theme you’re after.

Jonathan Bryans, sales director at Irish wedding venue website WeddingsOnline, discusses the TikTok trends for 2022 and provides expert advice on how to implement them on your big day.

Top TikTok Wedding Locations & Themes

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“Due to the recent events of the pandemic, many couples seem to be jumping at the opportunity to have a destination wedding, with the hashtag #DestinationWeddings racking up 9.5 million views on TikTok,” says Jonathan.

The top hashtag (according to views per hashtag) was ‘luxury weddings’ with 26.6 million views, closely followed by ‘destination weddings’. Cottagecore weddings, casual weddings and 60s weddings came in third, fourth and fifth respectively alongside regency wedding – the latter a nod to Netflix fave Bridgeton.

The popularity of cottagecore – an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside – in wedding terms think outdoor ceremonies, barns, fairy lights and flowers), suggests due to the pandemic and restrictions it seems many couples are seeking a more intimate and meaningful affair rather than a huge wedding. Even celebrities such as Ariana Grande have followed this trend with her tiny do last year.

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If you are hoping for a wedding abroad this year, make sure you check each country’s requirements before planning or booking. Also, make sure you have the appropriate insurance cover in case any government changes prevent you and your guests from travelling.

Top TikTok Wedding Trends

Champagne pouring
Credit: The Bingham

Throughout the last two years, wedding traditions have become more unique than ever.

For example, instead of wedding cakes, many couples are choosing to have champagne towers at their reception, with the hashtag #ChampagneTower amassing a whopping 14.6 million views. Other popular trends were wedding flower walls, pearl veils and bridal gloves.

Liliane by Blush dress by Francesca Avila, JLM Couture

As well as making your wedding more personal, the pandemic has created a massive resurgence of nostalgia. For example, ‘#60sWedding’ has 6,284 views on TikTok. Many brides are also incorporating past wedding trends into their final wedding look.

Puff sleeves – like this JLM Couture number – and bridal gloves are also some of the favourite upcoming TikTok wedding trends this year, with 114.5k and 17.8k views respectively.

Top TikTok Wedding Hacks


There are many subtle ways of making your wedding more personal to you. Personalised gifts, rather than classic wedding favours, that you can pass on to your family are more popular than ever with thousands of TikTok hashtags.

If you’re a guest, you could buy the wedding couple a personalised cutting board, just one of many popular gifts in 2022 according to TikTok. These little touches go a long way and can certainly make the day feel that little bit more special.

Though seating charts are somewhat of a must at every ceremony, they’re not the most exciting use of your wedding budget.

Following a TikTok hack, which has over a million views (and counting), could work wonders for you and your wallet: simply trace and shape a plastic sheet and press your print down with paint to create your own chart.


Rather than purchasing a bespoke, personalised wedding chart, you could get a budget-priced acrylic sheet which will give you the opportunity to create a truly tailored welcome sign without breaking the bank.

There’s no denying that TikTok can provide some excellent hacks and inspiration for any couple out there.

“But, remember your wedding theme and look needs to feel right to you – you can be as traditional or as personal as you like,” says Jonathan.

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