Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular with couples trying to put a unique twist on their special day rather than opting to follow time-old wedding traditions. From stacks of doughnuts instead of cakes, to brides opting for coloured dresses, there are endless trends to follow. 

Many people claim that the traditional church wedding is dying out, but this doesn’t mean that traditions themselves have. The event organisers at Rivenhall Oaks believe there is always a way to incorporate traditions into modern weddings.

Here’s seven ways that modern brides can embrace tradition…

The wedding cake

The cake is probably the most common way brides are getting creative with their wedding! Instead of the traditional three tier masterpiece, many couples are choosing different sweet treats. For example, doughnut boards and cupcake stands have become increasingly popular.

The first dance

It has been found that 75% of couples think they should still have the first dance tradition. However modern couples are now rehearsing whole dance routines to surprise their guests with, rather than the traditional slow dance.  

Giving the bride away

Although 69% of people still think a father should walk the bride down the aisle, it is sometimes seen as a sexist tradition. Brides are independent women and are walking themselves down the aisle. However, for a modern twist, you can ask a different family member or friend if you’d prefer.

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 Throwing confetti

Guests are getting creative when it comes to waving off the bride and groom; there are many alternatives to traditional, paper confetti appearing on the wedding scene. Blowing bubbles, scattering glitter or sparklers are all fun twists that look great in pictures too.

Having a sit-down meal

Traditional three course breakfasts are no longer the most popular choice, but guests still need to eat! Couples are embracing more fun and interactive options such as buffets, street food stations or even food trucks!

The wedding dress

Who says it has to be white? Brides are going against tradition and opting for bright colours that add a bit of fun. However, for a modern twist you can still embrace tradition with a white gown but mix things up with a second, less traditional dress for the evening.

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