break tradition

Let’s face it – most wedding traditions are traditions for a reason – because no bride would want to miss out on walking down the aisle in the dress-of-a-lifetime…

But weddings are not a one-size-fits-all occasion and more couples than ever are choosing to ditch a few of the more tired wedding traditions in favour of a more modern marriage…

In fact, research conducted by luxury hotel & spa, Daffodil, has uncovered a decline in the time-honoured wedding traditions, with one in three women not wanting to be “given away” by their father, and more brides than ever giving speeches on their wedding day.


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Here’s the top wedding traditions and how they’re changing…

  1. Not seeing the bride before the wedding

39% of people don’t believe it’s bad luck to see their partner before the ceremony with many opting for first look photoshoots with their loved one

  1. Being ‘given away’

1/3 of women don’t believe in being ‘given away’ by their father at the aisle

3. Wearing a white wedding dress

29% of women don’t feel obliged to wear white for their big day

4. Having a wedding gift list

Time-honoured traditions like the wedding gift list are being replaced with requests for donations to honeymoon funds or to charity

  1. Putting a ring on it

Engagement presents are replacing engagement rings for those more interested in the sentiment of the proposal

6. Wedding favours 

70% of Brits would prefer wedding experiences like ice cream vans and photobooths to favours to take home with them

  1. Wedding speeches

This traditional is not being left out, in fact 61% of Brits think it’s the most important speech of the day. But there’s an increase in women choosing to make their own speeches on their big day

  1. Bridesmaids dresses

The age of women all wearing identical dresses is ending quickly as more bridesmaids chose tonal dresses in a variety of styles to suit their body type and fashion preference

  1. Lavish ceremonies vs humble gatherings

Many couples are choosing to make their weddings a more intimate affair with handmade features and personal touches to make their guests feel at home

  1. Wedding day vs wedding weekends

Your wedding day goes by in a flash and knowing that many bride-to-be’s are choosing to make their celebration a weekend-long affair to truly enjoy the time with their loved ones before, during and after the big day

  1. Open Bar

Personalised cocktails and souvenir glasses are taking over from the traditional open bar we’re all so used to

  1. Garter toss to sweet toss

Modern brides that wear garters on their wedding day are choosing to avoid the age-old garter toss which can cause embarrassment and instead opting to throw sweet or toys to children attending their wedding.

Commenting on the research, Ashleigh Ryan, Wedding Planner at The Daffodil Hotel & Spa said: “Couples are looking for so much more when it comes to their wedding. After all it’s one of the most important times in their lives. The one size fits all approach is long gone, with people looking for a truly personalised experience.”

She continued: “When you consider this cultural shift it’s not surprising that many bride and grooms are ditching traditional wedding traditions in favour of more modern ones.”

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