Getting the decorations right on the big day will make your wedding extra special. Here’s some top 10 tips from Lisa Baker of Just Bespoke Wedding Consultancy to ensure you get your wedding themes right for 2012.
wedding themese 2012


It’s tempting to jump in with both feet and buy all the wedding decorations you see straight away, but try not to. Do your research and really consider the look and feel that you are hoping to achieve. Look at Wedding Ideas, blogs and Pinterest to get inspiration and then create a scrapbook or mood board of your finds. Don’t limit yourself to objects – also consider colours and textures. You’ll gradually start to unravel your tastes and your big-day style.


Set yourself a styling budget and then stick to it. It’s very easy to get carried away and want to buy everything you see, however, often these items will only be used on your wedding day and then you’ll find you have no use for them afterwards. Consider hiring items such as vases, hurricane lanterns and tableware to cut down on costs and also look at websites such as, which acts as a marketplace to buy and sell wedding items you no longer require.


Work out your colour scheme and then look to incorporate these into your wedding decorations. This will help to create a seamless look and finish – from table linens through to flowers – bringing the design to life. You could even consider introducing an accent colour to lift your colour scheme and to complement the look and feel of your wedding.


Depending on the type of venue you have chosen, consider ways in which you can use decorations on existing features to create a design focal point. Perhaps there is a large fireplace or floor to ceiling windows which can be accentuated, or maybe you decide to make use of the poles in your marquee or the tall ceiling heights?


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It’s amazing what flowers can do to lift a space. Dramatic flowers aren’t limited to large floral centrepieces – consider floral archways, floral chandeliers or a large standout display in a prominent location to totally transform your space.

Blank Canvas

Blank canvases are a stylist’s dream because you can literally make them what you want, however, they can also prove to be costly. To keep costs down, think about adding a couple of key elements to transform the space such as draping, modular furniture and lighting, which will all add to the look and feel of your wedding decorations.


Don’t underestimate the benefits of ambient lighting. Strategically placed up-lighters to frame a floral display or to highlight a feature can transform your wedding in an instant. Consider having different lighting in different rooms to separate and distinguish the different spaces – perhaps opt for ceiling washes or coloured up-lighters to create different ambiences in the different spaces.


You might think that vertical structures aren’t particularly interesting, but use them. Blank walls provide the perfect backdrop to prop up large mirrors or a photomontage, or they can be used to display large paper flowers, butterflies or other decorations. These small details turn an otherwise plain backdrop into something more interesting and personal.


Don’t forget what’s above you. While it’s tempting to focus on what is at eye level and below, it’s amazing what you can do with ceilings and wooden beams when it comes to styling your wedding venue. From hanging vases or teacups, to upside down umbrellas, paper pom poms, bunting and lights, there is so much scope – just make sure that it is securely fastened!


Less is more and this is almost always the case when it comes to venue styling. Rather than trying to re-create everything that you see in magazines and blogs, select three key design elements and do these and do them well. A well-executed idea is much better received than two or three ideas that have not been thought through, so stick to your guns and focus on a few wedding decorations that you absolutely love, and reflect the style and design you want your wedding to be remembered for.