It’s time to think beyond the wedding dress and honeymoon planning and time to consider your wedding tables. You may not have the seating plan sorted, but have some killer inspiration for your wedding table decorations.

Wedding table

Behind every great wedding is a fabulously dressed venue, and that extends to the wedding tables. Have your table decorations in keeping with the running theme of your wedding

Our favourite wedding table decorations

For a rustic themed wedding

Bring the outdoors in with your rustic theme. Think twine, bark, wood and foliage. You want it to look raw and unclipped. Like that trail of eucalyptus just happened to fall perfectly across the length of your banquet table.

Forget the table cloths and opt for a rustic, hessian table runner 

rustic table runner
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We love a linen napkin, particularly when it’s tied in such a laissez-faire manner such as these. 

linen wedding napkins
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Add a touch of countryside charm with these simple bottle vases. Line them along your banquet table runner or bunch them up in the centre f your table.

vase table decorations
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Weave in some neutral and soft with the lighting and you’ve nailed the rustic look.

Minimalist wedding table decorations

Less is always more. Stick with your clean colour scheme and everything will look as it is meant to. If you want a clean and minimalistic table setting, keep centrepieces low so people can talk across the table. Minimal often means more room.

Candles are great for a simplistic decoration idea and they will create a warming and homely hue. It’s a fool-proof option that doesn’t cost the earth.

wedding candles
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wedding table candles
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For a colourful wedding

Scratch the traditional route of white accents and make your wedding technicolour. For those who aren’t afraid of a bit of fun, this is for you. Forget about a white, blush pink, or baby blue colour scheme – stay wild. We’re talking flowers, confetti, balloons and ribbons.


You only get married once so this is your time to throw the best party for yourself you can. If you want colour, have colour. Everything doesn’t have to be a clinical white.

Have some fun with confetti balloons such as these:

Or add a touch of colour to the back of your chair with some chair bows:

Personal touches for the DIY bride

If you’re feeling thrifty, be your own DIY craft queen and save a pretty penny on your wedding. Make your wedding table decorations as you want them.

Light up the room by making fairy light jars using gold LED fairy lights in glass jars. These work wonderfully if you’ve got an outdoor wedding.

Paint a pretty picture by filling photo frames with pictures and trinkets of your favourite moments with your loved one, like a photo booth pic of your favourite trip, or a ticket from that special gig you went to together.

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