10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal

At Wedding Ideas, we love to bring you new and quirky ideas that will make your wedding a raging success for all! Styling your day can often be tricky to reinvent, which is why we have shared 10 ways to personalise your wedding day that will bring you out as a couple!


Tell your Story

Mark your special day by sharing your story as a couple from first meeting and right up to the proposal! Get your super talented graphic designer friend to create an info graphic of your journey as a couple! Have these waiting at the places of your guests at your wedding breakfast or as you come into the reception. Your guests are all there to wish you well and will love to read the little quirks of how your relationship began. Plus it will make a lovely memento of the day to keep and share with your children one day…

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal



Similarly create a picture based newspaper filled with glorious moments, holidays and news throughout your journey together so far!

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


Place settings

If a back-to-nature themed look is your goal, this minimal yet pretty use of herbs to make a halo place setting looks elegant and smells fragrant! The addition of the handwritten name on ribbon or paper is totally effortless plus…no need for a name card holder!

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


Seating Plan

As you move from Ceremony to reception, get your guests involved wherever possible – this will make for some spontaneous off-the-cuff photography moments to snap up! With a garden theme in mind, this idea for your seating plan screams FUN!



For the guests who may not be drinking, pimp up your beverages with fruitful infusions and  a separate juice station. Not only do they look pretty – especially for a summer wedding but they are perfect for children and super healthy…

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


Create your own Hashtag

We’re all guilty of posting on social media at a wedding. If you want to keep any bad social leeks to a minimum before your own professional photos, let your guests know they are free to post on Instagram with your very own wedding hashtag?! Let your guests contribute to your wedding day where instant access can be seen by family and friends who couldn’t be there!

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


Named Tables

If you are going to be naming your tables, use a theme that sets you apart as a couple and get SUPER creative! We love this classic Penguin book styled name for the literature-loving couple…

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


More and more couples are opting for life-size letters of their initials, names and singular celebratory words for the prettiest lit up backdrops for the reception. This happy couple did exactly that inside their beautiful industrial-chic reception venue!

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


Adults and kids will love to create their own DIY favour bag. If an old-school set of drawers is accessible to you, why not use this as your interactive gift table for the day?! Fill half opened drawers with a range of charming but inexpensive gifts for your guests choose from! This will suit a vintage-inspired wedding perfectly!

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal


Take the inside, outdoors

The beauty of the wedding reception is the ability to create any experience, feel and look for you and your guests to immerse in. Nothing is too special for your special day. This outdoor oasis created by one of our featured couples used chic french-look vintage panel screens to section off dining and social areas for their guests. Beautiful vintage furniture, lights and garlands were used to create a domestic cosy scene in a picturesque outdoor environment – inviting the best-of-both-worlds. Why not make use of your marquee or outdoor reception space and create defined areas for your guests without closing off or limiting interaction?! How stunning is the outcome?!

10 Unforgettable Wedding Ideas To Steal

How will you personalise your special day?!


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