Remember to pack your wedding shawls and wraps on your big day as you can never predict the weather. All the wedding planning in the world can go out the window if you haven’t prepared for the elements properly. Make sure you read these ten fabulous tips and stay one step ahead…

  1. On a hot day, consider serving iced water in funky bright-coloured bottles. You could also hand round fans and iced towels so guests can keep cool and freshen up.
  2. Planning ahead is essential if the weather is very cold. If you’re expecting ice and snow during a winter wedding, always ensure that your venue clears and grits all access points – the last thing you’ll want is the bride sliding into her reception!
  3. Come rain or shine, umbrellas or parasols are the perfect accessory. You could even have them embellished with your initials and wedding date for a cute keepsake idea.
  4. wedding shawls and wrapsIf you’re using a marquee, add a decked outdoor area for guests to enjoy warm weather. You could plan to have the dancefloor etc outside, so guests can dance the night away under the cool clear sky – Great for photo opportunities!
  5. Consider serving warm drinks during a winter winter wedding reception – you only have to think how fabulous a glass of mulled wine or cider is at Christmas to know this works!
  6. We always encourage couples to opt for the best quality marquee they can afford. Good quality marquees should be able to accommodate all weather conditions – sides and a roof can quickly be added if the forecast suddenly changes.
  1. Check that your venue has air conditioning! Remember that rooms will get warmer when everyone has arrived, so flexible temperature control is essential.
  2. Try to avoid putting reception tables near doors as guests will be more likely to catch a draught on a windy day. Brrr!
  3. Bespoke ice lollies (think vodka cocktail) go down really well at summer weddings when the temperatures are high – just make sure you have some non-alcoholic treats available for any younger guests.
  4. Ensure that you have the right type of flooring installed, or you could have a disaster on your hands! Ground water can seep through the marquee if you opt for cheap flooring options.
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