For all the couples planning to tie the knot this year, preparations will most likely be well under way. Old Mutual Wealth has spoken to some blushing brides-to-be and wedding industry experts to research the 3 most desirable wedding themes for 2016 and a glimpse at associated financial costs broken down for each one.









Saving for a wedding is initially an overwhelming thought for most couples but once you have an action plan in place, all you need to do is be patient and stay away from impulse purchases.

 Here are our 5 TOP saving tips to guide you!

1 | Decide your theme, set a Budget and make a list of EVERYTHING you need!

2 | Decide how much you can save each month and write it down

3 | Look into items and elements for the day that you may be able to save money on with a bit of DIY and or using the skills of your family and friends!

4 | Source different elements of your wedding gradually – Give yourself plenty of time to organise and source everything. You need time to make decisions with careful consideration that what you are choosing is the best you can get for your money!

5 |  Try to be strict and do not stray (too much) from your original saving plan!



You might actually be surprised how the help of a financial advisor could make a difference to your wedding savings and planning success.

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*All information and price estimates were sourced through online research and online quotations.