Wedding Rituals From Around The World…

Let’s face it – a wedding may focus on one day in particular, but in reality, it symbolises the start of what is meant to be the rest of a couples’ lives together. For that reason, while we all know the dress, cake and venue are important elements, sometimes it’s the wedding rituals and traditions brought into the ceremony which can have the most impact and make it all the more personal for the bride and groom.


Wedding Rituals All Around The World


The Rituals

Whether a country is known for religious weddings, big family weddings, or even wacky weddings (eloping in Vegas, anyone?), many cultures around the world have their own traditions when it comes to the wedding day and how the ceremony will tailor what marriage means for the couple as they start their life together. This infographic from 888 poker will give you an overview of popular wedding rituals worldwide and why they are performed!

A special day to be shared with your nearest and dearest friends and family, all of these rituals each represent a unique symbol of unity between families and bring them together to wish the couple well on their wedding day and beyond.

What They Mean

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Most rituals, in light of the occasion are symbolically and visually very beautiful. For example, in the Philippines, two white doves are released at the end of the wedding, to symbolise a loving and successful marriage. But this hasn’t just come from nowhere; in fact, doves have always traditionally had connotations with peace and eternal life; both of which are traits that you would want to wish upon a happy union!


Wedding Rituals Around The World


Other rituals may not seem quite as clearcut, but their message rings equally clear. The most bizarre ritual that our research has unearthed is that of Kenya which requires the bride’s father to spit on the bride’s head and chest – said to bring her good luck. Some are messages that provide lessons symbolic of future married life. The German ritual of smashing plates and clearing them up afterwards represents the challenges the couple will face and deal with along the way. Those who hold spiritual belief know that the smashing itself also wards off evil spirits. Some African countries promote jumping over a broom whereby whoever jumps the highest is said to be the decision maker in the household. There are some really high stakes!

Rituals for Guests

When you’re at a wedding, admittedly it can be easy to feel a little envious of the happy couple. In a society where we all strive to find that one person, while their joyous occasion is a chance for you to wish your friends well, it can be a little difficult for a single guest. Many rituals have these people in mind! In the UK, the bride tosses her bouquet is an example of this! Whoever catches it is said to be the next one to get married. Similarly, in Peru, the cake is baked containing ribbons leading to charms and even a fake wedding ring. Legend has it that the woman to pull this out will also be next!


Wedding Rituals Around The World


Should We Believe Wedding Rituals?

Each wedding represents a personal journey between two people. For a lot of people, these rituals and beliefs are intrinsic to their culture and carried out as a sign of respect and acknowledgement of their history. If you find yourself invited to an international wedding, be sure to respect any customs or rituals on the day and make an effort to get involved where you are invited to.


Have you attended any international weddings with unique rituals or traditions?