12 Days of Wedding Planning: Will You Have Bridesmaids?!

A blissful blur of pampering, dreamy dresses and Champagne toasts, surrounded by your best girls – is this how you’re imagining your wedding morning?

Your bridesmaids will be there for you as much or as little as you like during the planning, but when the big day comes, they’ll come into their own. You’ll all need time to get ready, but they’ll also be there to hold your hand, make you smile and hang on to your emergency supplies. Which all begs the question – who will you choose to be your bridesmaids?


Emily Hannah



Sisters, sisters-in-law and childhood best friends are all frequent contenders for a spot in your bridesmaid party. There are no rules though, so choose the people who mean the most to you. Now is the time to decide if you’d like one of them to be maid of honour, too.

It’s also worth considering who will be the most supportive and helpful to surround yourself with. Think upbeat besties rather than hard-to-please girls who will give you headaches. If you’re still unsure, this secret to choosing your bridesmaids will help. Will your girls live up to these bridesmaid goals?

Once you’ve chosen who you’d like your best girls to be, it’s time to ask them! We love the pretty cards you can get to do this with, but you could also get creative and ask with a homemade cupcake, craft or simply over a coffee.



Worried that choosing an odd number of bridesmaids will look, well, odd in the photographs? It won’t. In the shots of you and your girls, it’ll make up an even number with you anyway. And if you’re really worried about balance, you could also ask your husband-to-be to choose the same number of groomsmen. We’ve seen brides have one, three, ten maids – choose the people who are right for you and the numbers will look after themselves.



The number of bridesmaids you have to dress will likely influence your budget for their dresses. The world is your oyster when it comes to the designs, though. Multi-way, matching, floor-length or short, colourful, even white – we’ve seen all of these and more for your maids! Enjoy the excuse for some girly shopping trips and see what styles you and your girls like best.

If you’ve found your dress, ask your boutique to see the bridesmaid ranges they stock while you’re there. Boutiques will often offer discounts when both bridesmaid and bridal gowns are purchased together, so if you and your girls like what’s on offer, you might be able to secure a special deal.

The key to beautiful bridesmaids is for them to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing, so dress shop together and be open to compromise. You can also help them to express their own personalities by letting them choose their own accessories, hair or makeup. It’s fine to give them some parameters if you do this (gold accessories, no red lipstick etc). More on how to keep your bridesmaids happy here.




Tradition has it that brides give their girls something to say thank you for their help and support on their wedding day. This could be the jewellery they will wear or a thank you present given at the reception – whatever feels right for you. We’ve got some beautiful heartfelt and fun bridesmaids gift ideas that they will LOVE!



Modern maids call for modern traditions – we’re talking about the bridesmaid speech! More and more brides and their best girls are stepping up to say a few words too. After all, why should the boys get all the fun? If your girls are going to make a speech, here’s everything they need to know to nail it – share it with them, they’ll love you for it!

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Bridesmaids photo credit: da-photo.co.uk
Bridesmaids photo credit: da-photo.co.uk


How did you choose your bridesmaids?