12 Days of Wedding Planning: Engagement and Where to Start

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely just got engaged – eek! Once the Champagne has been drunk and congratulations said all round, the task ahead of you begins to dawn. You’ve got some wedding planning to do!

For most people, up until this point the closest they’ve come to wedding planning is as a guest, bridesmaid or groomsman. It’s natural to feel a little out of your depth in the beginning, but we’re about to change all of that!




So, where should newly engaged couples start when it comes to wedding planning?

You know you want your day to be beautiful, romantic and just the best day ever. You probably want it to be remembered too. After all the time, love and expense that goes into a wedding, we don’t blame you! But what do you need to organise when, and how on earth can you co-ordinate all those ideas you have to make them a reality?

Breathe, relax and let’s take things one step at a time.

At this point you have two priority tasks that need to be organised sooner rather than later.

The first is to set your wedding budget. It’s best to divide your budget up across the things you’ll need to budget for (allocating amounts for your dress, venue and transport, for example). Don’t forget to account for the unexpected costs, like these commonly forgotten ones. Your budget will dictate what is possible for each element. Start with the number in mind, and you’re more likely to stay on track and not set your heart on something unattainable.

It can be hard to know what things will cost, so start getting quotes from suppliers as soon as possible. If these are wildly different to your original budgeting plans, consider giving yourself longer to save. Alternatively, these are three ways to cut your wedding costs down fast. By reducing your spend in some areas, you free up more money for the elements of your wedding day that matter the most to you.

Once you’ve worked out your budget, choose your wedding date and book your venue. You’ve set your budget boundaries, doing this will set the goal posts for your timings. Having a date will allow you to let guests know to save the date and check other suppliers’ availability. There’s no point setting your heart on one photographer only to find they are already booked out elsewhere for your big day.

Your venue is often one of the biggest expenses due to the catering costs usually attached. When you’re parting with a significant chunk of your budget to pay for it, it’s essential you get it right. Your venue should be in budget and reflect the style of wedding you want. It’s not always an easy task to find this. That’s why the second day of wedding planning will be dedicated to researching, visiting and booking the best venue for you.

In the meantime, download our wedding planning tools for free (including a budget planner!) to get started.

STEP 2? Now it’s time to find your venue… 12 Days Wedding PlanningVENUES

What is your approach to wedding planning? Where will you start?


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