As you start wedding planning, you may discover expenses that you had not considered. Use these top tips to make sure you stay in the black.10-top-tips-for-great-wedding-planning

Look at the season

The time of year can inspire many ideas for your wedding, from what you wear to your table decorations. Your wedding month will also offer a variety of seasonal flowers, which can inspire your colour scheme.

Be realistic

If you are set on an outdoor ceremony, choose a reliable month for fine weather but have a wet weather contingency plan.

Decide on a theme

Flowers, stationery, table linen and even the wedding cake can all be designed to complement one another and co-ordinate your wedding look.

Take wedding planning inspiration from your venue’s décor, your favourite flowers or the colours you would like your wedding party to wear.

Who will do the organising?

This can be a crucial and political decision! In the event of a possible permanent family rift, a wedding co-ordinator is an essential option!

Do your research

Prices and quality of service can vary hugely and the selection can be overwhelming. Go on referrals or friends’ experiences – these provide the safest choices.

Think about the pace

Although you would like it to last as long as possible, this does not work in practice. A successful wedding is one that flows and where your guests never get bored, hungry or thirsty.

Consider different venues

If your chosen reception venue is a long drive through narrow country lanes, your guests may struggle to find it and arrive late. Review reception venues within a sensible proximity to the ceremony location before you confirm your booking.

Give yourself time

Wedding planning takes time. A dress can take up to nine months to be made, venues often have to be booked a year in advance and invitations should ideally go out six to eight weeks prior to the big day.

Enjoy yourself

It’s important that you relish your wedding planning, as well as the end result.

How far are you through your wedding planning?

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