12 Days of Wedding Planning: Think THEMES!

Your theme will help to make your wedding day stand out. And we all want that, right? Once you’ve chosen the right one for you, offer a little hint in your stationery designs to get your guests excited for the fun that is to come!




If you’ve booked your venue already, then this will be a good starting point to decide your theme. It’s a chicken and egg situation though, because lots of couples choose the venue that suits their style, which will also influence their chosen theme.

Whatever the order, your theme and venue need to complement each other. If you’re tying the knot in a retro movie theatre, a super modern, minimalist look might miss the mark. This doesn’t mean you can only choose a rustic theme for a barn wedding, but whatever you choose needs to sit well with you’re the backdrop your venue creates. Some contrast will be okay, but it needs to be considered.



Our real couples tend to define their theme through their choice of colour as well as style. We recommend starting with a core colour and then choosing two additional shades that will enhance the look. Think dove grey, ivory and gold or burgundy, silver and a greyish blue. Unless you’re going for an all-out rainbow theme, of course, where every colour is a contender!


If you’re movie lovers, choose an old Hollywood or cinema style! Love all things country and fun? Go for a summer fete or garden party theme. Prefer to keep things traditional? White weddings can still have plenty of wow-factor (this one shows you how). One of our real couples even indulged their love of biscuits, naming their tables after each of their favourite teatime treats! Let your personalities shine through and you’re bound to create your perfect wedding theme.


What details will make your wedding feel truly yours? It can be as easy as using bottles of your favourite wine for the table names, adding Polaroid pictures or simply your favourite colour. Real couple Kirsty and Adrian, who feature in issue 168, added antique books to their table tops, gluing in alternative stories into the chapters to share their memories together so far. We love the idea!


Click the links below for décor inspiration to match each theme idea (aren’t we good to you?)

What will your wedding theme be? How did you choose?