Some stark wedding realities only rear their ugly heads after the wedding planning process has started. Make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come with our handy guide…

You won’t agree on everything

So, you want blue stripey napkins and he wants green. These petty little wedding planning arguments or ‘disagreements’ are nothing to worry about, they’re completely natural. Weddings are all about the couple’s personality shining through, so green vs blue debates are inevitably going to happen. Look at the wedding on a broader scale when these sort of things crop up, and remember a little bit of compromise never hurt anyone! LAP-Copyright-682-vintage

Your childhood dream may not happen

That childhood dream wedding vision that you’ve created after watching a little bit too much Disney? Yeh, that isn’t going to happen. Imagination has no limits, and well, your budget, and general reality, does. 13090101_398

You’ve never known organisation like this

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Wedding planning will make you re-think your definition of ‘organised’. You’ll question your methods and yourself when you start taking on copious amounts of wedding-related lists and spreadsheets – and you’ll actually understand them all.

You can’t do everything

Sorry ladies, you just can’t take this one on by yourself, no matter how organised you are. Make sure you’ve given your groom some tasks to do, no matter how much the TV series, Don’t Tell the Bride has terrified you. And together, delegate tasks to the rest of the bridal party, too. 284_vicky-robin

You’re going to cry

Whilst you might pride yourself on being as hard as a rock, constantly composed and having your make-up always intact, throughout the day a tear or two will fall. Don’t be embarrassed though! It’s a day about you and your hubby’s commitment, full of comments on how beautiful you look and speeches about how proud your friends and family are and so on, so it’s bound to happen. Make sure your mascara is waterproof and you’ll be good to go. Of course, it might not be you who sheds a tear… Just check out these emotional grooms! Do you think your h2b will react like this?

You’ll miss it when it’s over

Even though the wedding planning process may be quite stressful at times, you will miss it when it’s gone. A good idea to ease the post-wedding blues is plan a special date night in the week after the honeymoon – you can’t leave the romance abroad! MR extra 0088

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