We’re sure you already know that wedding planning is stressful. Here are the signs that wedding planning has got a bit too much for you (but it’s only temporary, we promise)…

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much - diary

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much

Taking Over Your Life

With it being a day that most brides-to-be have dreamed about since they were a little girl, it’s no wonder that it planning your wedding will take up a lot of your time. Even if you’re not actively out shopping for it or actively getting those DIY tasks done, you’ll find yourself subconsciously ‘favouriting’ all sorts of articles and shopping searches so you can come back to them later. Even your iPod that you plug in on the way to work is filled with ceremony classics to help you pick out your playlist.

Drowning in The To-do List

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much - to do

Just looking at your to-do list makes you want to go and rip up that dress of yours right away. There’s so much to do, you just don’t know where to start! You can barely bring yourself to get out of bed at the weekend and get started. Our advice? Take that to-do list bit by bit! If you’re feeling especially uninspired by doing wedding things, pick out the fun things to do first. That way you’ll get some enjoyment back into it!

It’s No Fun Anymore

Talking about enjoyment, when it gets to a point when you’re not enjoying it AT ALL, then it’s time to take a little break. Why not plan a weekend away? Ban any talk of weddings and by the time you’re back, you’ll be feeling fresh and ready to get back on it!

The One Becomes Not the One

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much - argument

If you’re starting to question the magical feeling you had when you found ‘the one’, you’ve been thinking too much about it. When the dream-dress-doubt creeps in, it’s time to get a grip! It’s a common thing for brides to feel in the run up to their wedding – they want to look and feel their best after all – but get yourself through the doubting stage, and that magical feeling will return when you put it on. Then you’ll be wondering how on earth you ever thought it wasn’t the one!

Goodbye Wedding Diet

Sometimes brides and grooms-to-be fancy going on a diet or a mission to get into shape before their big day, and that’s okay! Healthy eating and taking up jogging is all around good for you and we totally recommend it to not only look your best, but also feel and be your best (but no ridiculous dieting please!).

But when the stress kicks in, so do the carb and sugar cravings, and before you know it: your head is lodged in the back of the cupboard trying the find that secret stash of Mars Bars you hid away from the healthy-you. Oops.

Your Friends Stop Contacting

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much - phone

Suddenly, conversation becomes just you talking. Why aren’t they replying your Whatsapps, texts, phone calls, Facetime, Facebook messages, emails or tweets? Just why? Because maybe, just maybe, your predominant conversation topic – your wedding – is getting a little too much.

Linking to the first point, just because it’s taking over your life, doesn’t mean it has to take over theirs. If you can’t think back to what you and your best girls spoke about before you got engaged, you’ve gone a step too far.

OR They’re Constantly Asking If You’re Okay

Or perhaps you’ve got to the stage where you don’t want to talk about your wedding, in fact, you don’t want to do anything. Like any good friend, they will all be worried about the fact you’re not getting out of bed due to wedding-meltdown.

When you actually do make it out of your dressing gown and slippers and go out, you’ll be jumped on with incessant questions like, ‘Are you okay?’, ‘I’m always here for you, you know that, right?’ and ‘If there’s anything I can do, will you tell me?’. If you’re at either of these stages with your friends – them either outright ignoring you or them overly anxious about you, it’s probably a good time to have a little break from planning, we think…

Can the Honeymoon Hurry Up?

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much - honeymoon

Talking of a little break: the honeymoon! You just cannot stop thinking about the honeymoon. The happiness of the thought of just utter relaxation and having nothing to worry about is so much that you even start to curse the wedding because it’s getting in the way of it! It’s the one obstacle between you and that sunbed.

You’re Ticking all the Boxes Here

If you’re ticking any of these boxes of 10 signs that you’re an uncool bride-to-be, you only need a quick reality check and you’ll see the monster you’re turning into! A while we’re at it, you should probably take this quiz to see if you’re a bridezilla, too…

The Wedding Takes Over your Dreams

12 Signs that Wedding Planning has Got Too Much - dream wedding

When you’re spending your days thinking non-stop about your wedding, it’s no surprise that you’ll start spending your nights thinking non-stop about your wedding. This can only lead to two things – wedding dreams or wedding nightmares. Wedding dreams are nice enough; sometimes they might not be the exact wedding you’ve been planning, but still whatever wedding it is, it’s running smoothly and everyone’s happy.

The wedding nightmares are slightly more traumatising; walking down the aisle naked, the groom not turning up, losing all your teeth to name but a few…

Easy Envy

Whilst it’s an obvious fact that you’re super excited about your wedding, and want other people to be just as excited, the world doesn’t stop spinning. If at every mention of someone else’s wedding or engagement you’re turning green-eyed and grumpy, you need to snap out of that. Pronto. Be happy for them! (And work on making your big day that little bit different!).



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