We’re getting into the festivities now and we’ve still got so much to offer. If you’re reading this, you’ve certainly done something right. Clearly, your man thinks your marriage material. So today we’ve got some wise advice on wedding planning for the groom.

grooms buttonhole 12 Days of Wedding Planning: Grooms

There’s a lot for the groom, and you, to think about. Whether he’s nailing the wedding planning or letting you take the lead, this is what all well-groomed grooms will have ready on the wedding day.


There are so many different styles of suits out there, it can feel a little daunting to begin with. For some, one particular style or colour will instantly grab their attention, but for others, some guidance might be needed. These 10 suit rules will set you on the right path, whether your man is going for traditional tails and a top hat or a more laid-back lounge suit.


Our real grooms cover all bases when it comes to buying their suits off the peg, hiring them or having them tailor-made. Your budget will dictate this to some extent and there is no right or wrong answer. And remember, choosing to buy the groom’s suit doesn’t stop you from hiring them for the groomsmen. One size does not have to fit all.


Will your man be wearing a wedding ring once you’ve tied the knot? If so, decide whether you want your rings to co-ordinate or not. Choose them in plenty of time to allow for size adjustments. You don’t want to be the couple who are fumbling at the altar with a ring that is stuck. Don’t forget the other accessories too – shoes, a pocket watch, tie and cufflinks will all need to be organised.


Your man has a speech to plan. Each groom will tackle this differently. Some prepare a script a long way in advance, others will write it the night before, and some will keep it spontaneous. One of our real grooms had a great idea, writing the majority of his speech beforehand but then adding a few words at the moment. This meant he could thank everyone he needed to, but when it came to talking about his bride, he could speak straight from the heart with all the emotion of their wedding day. Avoid these 7 speech sins and you’ll be onto a winner.


Not to be left to the last minute, most grooms will choose a best man to join them. This role bears a lot of responsibility – looking after the rings, organising the stag do, giving a humorous speech that is hopefully just the right side of tasteful… Share these best man commandments with him beforehand and you’ll be onto a winner.


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