12 Days of Wedding Planning: Choosing Your Florist and Flowers

Power to the petals! Green fingered or not, choosing your wedding flowers matters.

They share your journey down the aisle and appear in lots of photographs. So, whether you choose to make them a focal point or not, they do still need to be fabulous and oh so on trend for 2018!





Start with the seasons. While you can have flowers flown in from far flung corners of the world, we recommend working with the blooms that are naturally flowering when you get married. They’ll be fresh, vibrant, and naturally marry with the landscape around you in the photographs. You should also save money because you won’t be paying for any air miles.

Petals may be pretty, but don’t neglect foliage. Some of the best bouquets blend greenery and blooms to charming effect. The green, silver and blue tones foliage can introduce will add depth to your bouquet. Adding succulents and herbs have been popular options for 2016. You could even go for the up and coming trend to carry a whimsical wheat bouquet

Your bouquet in particular will be seen the most next to your dress. It goes without saying, then, that the style and shape of your flowers needs to suit that of your gown. Think hand-tied trailing arrangements for rustic or bohemian brides. More compact posies of roses, peonies or hydrangeas will complement a more structured dress.

It’s often the part you least want to acknowledge in wedding planning, but you do also need to keep your budget in mind. Starting with seasonal flowers sets you on a good path to avoid paying a premium, but there are other options too. If you’re green fingered, then try sourcing some of your flowers wholesale and arranging them yourselves. You don’t have to take them all on, perhaps just choosing to do the reception arrangements yourself and leaving the bouquets to the professionals.

Alternatively, choosing blooms with larger flower heads can also help you spend less. The larger flower size means you’ll need fewer of them to make the same sized posy, so it can help to keep costs down. This approach works particularly well for bridesmaid bouquets, which often have simpler designs.



Once you’ve had your fill of flower inspiration from Wedding Ideas, Pinterest and Instagram (we all do it!), go forth and find the florist to make those ideas reality. They’ll need to be in budget and available for your wedding date. The real key to success here, though, is to match your florist to the flowers you want.

Ask to see the portfolios of as many different local florists’ flowers as you can. You’re looking for the florist who has experience creating flowers in a similar style to what you want yourself. While good florists can turn their hands to any look, many will have their own styles and preferences, so you’ll likely want to find the florist that fits your wedding theme and bridal style.

And, if after all of this you still aren’t a flower fan or have an allergy, why not go faux a crystal, button or fabric flower bouquet instead! There really is something for every bride when it comes to wedding flowers.

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What style of wedding flowers will you pick?