These wedding planning apps are your new virtual best friends as you get down to serious wedding planning business ahead of your big day.

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You’re sitting amongst detailed scrapbooks and magazines, red in the face as you figure out where to sit those three rouge family members. You haven’t heard back from the caterers and you currently only have the venue sorted. Throw in the fact we’ve been dealing with a global pandemic this year and staying on top of wedding planning can seem all too much. Enter your new virtual BFFs: wedding planning apps.

It’s 2020 and the multitude of notepads, binders and spreadsheets might not be cutting it right now. Luckily, those clever wizards in the tech world have come up with a number of cunning apps and tools to help with planning your wedding.

Transferring your current chaos into a virtual world can help streamline things and make the process of wedding planning enjoyable. Luckily, a lot of them a free, giving you scope to splash out on the caterer you have had your eye on.

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11 Wedding Planning Apps to Download Now



Best for: Inspiration

Let’s start simple. In today’s society, Pinterest is a rite of passage for brides-to-be and f you haven’t started pinning, what are you waiting for? If you are having nightmares about table decorations or bridesmaid’s hair, create yourself an account and put together some boards for inspiration. Not only is Pinterest a fantastic visual hub to spur on exhausted brides, there are also a number of DIY’s for wives-to-be who want to be thrifty or are sticking to a strict budget.

Cost: Free

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Top Table Planner




Best for: Seating arrangements

We completely understand, there are certain friends and family who cannot be seated together. Whether there has been a tiff, or they both like to indulge in vino, Top Table Planner can help you ensure you have the perfect layout. Users can choose from table type and number of seats before filling in guest names. Nothing is set in stone, guests can be moved from pillar to post until both bride and groom are satisfied. Users can share their plans with parents or friends for a second opinion, and a PDF can be emailed to the venue with ease.

Cost: from £10

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Wedding Happy


Best for: All aspects of wedding planning

If you want a solid all-rounder, Wedding Happy is the ideal free app. Founded by a husband and wife team, the app allows coupes to input their wedding day, and tailor a multitude of to-do lists with each task having a specific date of completion. Luckily, the app implements some sort of tech magic that inputs a generic, but extremely thorough check list, which is fully customisable. The dashboard overview helps keep couples on the right track, showing what percentage of tasks are completed, last task completed, and the next task on the agenda. It can also be used to budget and store vendors, is there anything that this app cannot do?

Cost: Free (includes in-app purchases)

Suitable for: Smartphone, Tablet

Zola Wedding Registry


Best for: Gift registry

Of course, you will be happy with any gifts you receive on your wedding day. However, there is no harm, in giving guests a nudge in the right direction, right? Although three food processors may be the dream for some, Zola can help subtly suggest to your wedding party the sort of thing you may be lusting over. The snazzy barcode scanner technology allows you to add items on-the-go, but you can also import gifts from any of the stores within the app. There is space to leave a note about colour preference or size, and you will receive a notification when somebody has purchased an item from your wish list!

Cost: Free

Suitable for: iPhone, iPad



Best for: Communication

Unless you are having a more intimate wedding, collecting addresses to send out invitation can cause blood to boil. You have the bespoke, hand-crafted invites to hand out, but aside from a handful of addresses from relatives, you have hit a brick wall. Although it may not be ideal for more senior wedding-goers, Postable allows you to create a free account, pop in your guest’s email addresses, and send them an email containing an extremely simple address-request form. You can then sit back as the addresses come rolling in and send them out accordingly.

Cost: Free (in-app purchases)

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone



Best for: Honeymoon planning

For those newlyweds who have a quick turnaround between the reception and their honeymoon, Tripit could save a lot of airport-bound stress. It cannot help you remember your passport, but it is a handy little app where you can store all your travel information in one tidy place. The format is very simple and creating an account is free. Information such as flight, hotel, and connections are displayed clearly and saves the need for a wild paper-scramble in the back of a cab on the way to the airport.

Cost: Free

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone

The Venue Report





Best for: Choosing a venue

With so many gorgeous wedding venues in the UK and further afield, it would be near on impossible to visit every single one on your hit list. Whether you’re opting for a destination wedding or an impressive stately home, even just narrowing down a short list can be tricky. The Venue Report‘s directory contains over 3000 venues, each researched by dedicated venue ‘reporters’ you can filter results by region, price, and capacity and you can even read real reviews of your chosen properties.

Cost: Free

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone

Google Drive







Best for: All aspects of planning and budgeting 

We’ve all been there; 1234 tabs open up on the laptop, word docs saved in various folders on your desktop, sheets flying out of a binder at breaking point and notebooks filled with scribbles and scratched out lists. If only there was somewhere you could store all your files, edit documents, create folders and spreadsheets and share these with your bridal team… If you’ve not familiarised with your Google Drive yet, we recommend giving it some love now. You’ll be able to create and store all your planning docs, spreadsheets and presentations in one place and can work collaboratively with a wedding planner or your partner to make changes and edits to your plans along the way.

Cost: Free

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone


mint wedding planning up





Best for: Wedding budgeting

Not just limited to your wedding budget, Mint is a money management service which makes it a create tool to have in any wedding planning app arsenal (as we all know weddings are a pricey business). Mint not only helps you manage your money, it can also help you find some useful savings along the way. The app automatically updates and categorises your information. From your bank accounts and credit cards to pension accounts and more, it can really help you crunch the numbers and help you work out where you stand with your wedding budget.

Cost: Free

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone






Best for: Connecting with absent guests and socially-distant meetings

This year we’ve all become very familiar with facetiming and one of the video calling apps to really stand out has been Zoom. Whether your self-isolating and need to make headway with your vendors via video chat, or you’re dialling in some of your relatives for the main event, every bride-to-be needs Zoom in her wedding planning app catalogue.

Cost: Free

Suitable for: MAC, PC, Tablet, Smartphone








Best for: Honeymoon fund registry

With costs of weddings seeming to ever increase and the fact international travel has been off the cards for many of us for a while, more and more weds-to-be are ditching the traditional wedding registry for a honeymoon fun. A Honeyfund page enables wedding guests’ contributions to become cash in your hand to experience all the world has to offer with a simple touch of a button.

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