Wedding photography should be relaxed, contemporary but most of all fun, and that’s exactly what Wedding Ideas favourite Katherine Ashdown is known for. We love the response that her images get when we feature them in our Real Wedding section, but what does she love and what are her top tips for photography? Let’s find out!

“I’m inspired by my  gorgeous surroundings and love nothing better than shooting brides or couples in the stunning Norfolk countryside or beaches,” says Katherine. “I’ve just turned 30 and I work from home with my cat, Mally, for company!”

Katherine's Wedding Photography
We love Katherine's romantic couple shots

So what’s the inspiration behind her beautiful wedding photography? “I love American photographers and their different take on wedding photography. And more than anything I love people’s stories. Everyone has a story to tell about how or where they met or what they love to do together. I then try to incorporate this into my wedding photography or engagement shoots – if they got engaged on the beach, let’s go back there for the shoot!”

Katherine’s love of photography started at a young age. “I remember being fascinated with photographs as young as five or six when my dad was a keen photographer. He used to shoot a lot on slide film in the 60s and 70s and I loved it when we had a ‘slide movie night!’ I started to take photography more seriously in 6th form when studying A level art and used to practice and on my five nieces and nephews.  When my sisters started showing other mums at school these fun and natural images of the children playing outside instead of in a studio on a mottled backdrop, it quickly grew in to a business. I was always amazed by the power or memory a single photograph can have, particularly when it comes to wedding photography – I think that’s what I really fell in love with.”

So what wedding photography tips could Katherine give to budding photographers? “You have to LOVE it! Especially when it comes to wedding photography. I have worked more hours in this job than any job I have had in the past, it is long days, lots of time in front of a computer and within the business you have every role to fill from secretary, to accountant, to photographer, so you also need to be a good business person.  My biggest photography tip would be to keep learning. I go on numerous courses every year to keep learning new things and keep challenging my photography and inspiring myself.”

3 quick fire questions!

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What are you listen to right now?
“Christina Perry and Lana Del Ray.”

Designer or high street?
“I’m a bit of a high street girl and love French Connection and Next shoes!”

Your best day out would be…
“A walk on the coast with family and friends and a good pub lunch followed by a film on the sofa!”

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