If you’re looking for a wedding photography list of essential shots, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out what you need…

Your wedding photographs will be one of the only tangible memories from the big day so they have got to be perfect! Once you have chosen your wedding photographer, give them a list of all the special shots you want. Why not use our handy checklist as a starting point?

The dress jakemorley

Your dress

Whether it’s on a hangar, or draped off the end of a wardrobe, a shot of the wedding dress on it’s own is always a special shot. If the light and composition are just right, it’ll be one of your favourites in the years to come!

Getting ready

This shot is so exciting as it captures the mood of the morning of the wedding. The energy of you and your best girls getting ready should really come across in this picture. Doing up the dress is always a fun shot. Also, don’t forget to capture the shoes, accessories and garter before you put them on.

The bouquet

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Most brides forget to ask for photos of their bridal bouquets before they’ve been held all day long. Bouquet and bridesmaids’ posy shots are a forgotten classic and you’ll kick yourself if you don’t put them on your wedding photography list.

bouquet shot kerriemitchell

Your shoes

Avoid the blister pads, muddy stains and broken heels, and get a shot of your wedding shoes at the start of the day. They look particularly pretty arranged with your veil and bridal accessories.

Your best girls

Ask your photographer to get a great posed shot of your your bridesmaids together. They should all be smiling and at least one shot should show off their dresses in all their glory. Don’t forget close ups of their accessories and shoes, too.

The transport

A classic posed photo from behind the transport as you leave your wedding venue is a must on any wedding photography list. It’s the perfect way to finish off your wedding album and you can use the photo for your thank you cards!

The bride with her dad with your transport

Make sure you take a shot of yourself either sitting in or standing near your wedding car, carriage etc. It’s a big day for your dad too, so make sure he’s not left in the background.

Groom’s reaction

If your photographer can capture the groom’s reaction has you walk towards him, down the aisle, it will be one of your favourite pictures from the whole day – guaranteed! A wedding photography list MUST.

The first kiss

Nothing too sloppy, just a gentle brush of the lips will suffice.

first kiss tatumreid

Reception tables and details

All your carefully-chosen decorations need to be photographed before the guests descend. Ask your photographer to sneak into the reception room before the wedding breakfast to capture the room in all its glory.

Guest reactions

Whether they’re crying or laughing it’s lovely to see guests’ reactions during the day. Try to capture them during the ceremony or the reception. Candid shots of guests are often the best so make sure they’re not looking directly at the camera.

Bride with her mum

Your dad will be in the spotlight with you at the start of the ceremony, so don’t forget to have a shot of you and your mum before the celebrations begin.

brides with parents mtmstudio

Bride with her dad

Wedding photographs of your dad walking you down the aisle will bring back those happy memories all over again.

Bride with flowergirl/pageboys

A touching reminder of the day, and a brilliant keepsake for the little ones, this shot should melt your heart! Often left out of a wedding photography list and later regretted. Make sure you don’t!

Bride/groom with siblings

Brothers and sisters sometimes take a back seat at the wedding – don’t miss this special shot on your wedding photography list or you’ll regret it forever.

The groomsmen

In all the excitement, some brides forget about their groomsmen. Don’t forget to have a picture of them on their own and with the bride at some point during the day – preferably before the drinks start flowing!

The wedding breakfast

Your photographer should nip into the wedding breakfast room and capture the table centres, favours and so on in pristine condition before your guests arrive. A wedding photography list must.

The OTT romantic shot

Every album’s got to have one! Go all-out to show the world how much you love each other.

ott kiss simonbiffenphotography

The cake topper

Cake toppers are a very important, yet fragile memento of the big day, so make sure you get the shot early in case you have any smashing disasters.

Cutting the cake

It may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many newlyweds forget this classic shot. Add it to your wedding photography list NOW!

The first dance

Being such a huge wedding tradition, it would be a crime to miss a photo of your first dance together. It’s hard to get the light and composition right because most of the photos are taken on a packed dance floor, but it’s definitely a keeper!

Special moments

A good photographer will be able to capture those special moments that may have gone un-noticed. Tears, laughter and excitement should be sprinkled throughout your wedding album. A wedding photography list essential.