Wedding party Songs That Should be Banned!

Whilst you’ll want your wedding party songs playlist to get ALL of your wedding guests up on their feet, here’s how NOT to choose them with a few best (or worst) suggestions of the songs that should definitely be banned and why!


Wedding party songs that should be banned!

The Shoop Shoop Song, Cher

“I think this song is one to be savedĀ for the rom-coms!”

Blurred Lines, Robin Thick

“Although this song was a chart topping hit at the time, it’s inferred meaning is no way near as cool as it sounds.”

The Cha Cha slide, Dj Casper

“Only the cheesiest weddings would include the cha cha slide! There are tons of other upbeat classic wedding party songs that are winning floor-fillers for your guests to enjoy!”

Gangnam Style, PSY

“I went to a wedding once where this song was played during the evening celebration. One of the wedding guests beganĀ dancing the Gangnam style moves and suddenly ripped his trousers, badly! It was both hilarious and mortifying!”

Oops upside your head, The Gap band

” The signature floor-bound moves to this party song are a total atmosphere-killer once 50% of your wedding guests have cleared the dance floor to avoid it!”


Will there be any banned wedding party songs on your wedding day?


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