Hiring a wedding photographer for your big day is a given, but what about a wedding video? Shoot It Yourself recently unveiled that not having a wedding video is listed among the biggest big day regrets, which is why they’re offering a special package for couples getting married in 2019. Read on to find out more…

Make the most of this fantastic wedding offer from Shoot It Yourself

The Biggest Wedding day Regret for Brides, and how to Handle it

In a recent survey, ‘not getting a wedding video’ was listed top of the most common big day regrets for brides. As a result, Shoot It Yourself has dug a little deeper into why and whether they would do anything different if they could do it all again. Here are the five top reasons to regret not shooting a wedding video…

There are bits of your wedding day that you’ll miss

Believe us – FOMO is real when it comes to your wedding day, and one of the biggest contributors to a bride’s regret over not getting a wedding video.

While you’re checking that your nan has had enough pudding, your friends from uni are doing tequila shots at the table with your work mates.

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Sadly you can’t be in two places at the same time, and people are not exaggerating when they say that your wedding day with literally ‘fly by.’

“We didn’t have one – I didn’t see the point or couldn’t justify the splurge, however we now regret it loads!” said Kim in the DIY Brides Facebook group.

Make the most of this fantastic wedding offer from Shoot It Yourself

“The day went so quickly and we were both so high on excitement that it’s all a crazy blur now. A couple of friends took videos on their phones and it makes me regret not having one even more!”

Getting a wedding video (especially one that is being filmed by your friends) will definitely reduce the risk of you missing out on anything. Plus, not only will you get to see more of your wedding day, but you’ll also be able to remember it over time.

You won’t be able to remember what was said in the speeches

It’s sometimes hard enough remembering what you had for dinner last night, let alone what your husband said about you in front of 100 of your friends and family nearly 10 years ago.

Getting a wedding video of the speeches means that you can watch these moments back, in your own time, and take it all in a bit more.

You can’t look back on people who are no longer around

Sadly, there will one day be family members who were at the wedding, but have since passed away. Your wedding video might be one of the only videos that you have of them.

Katrina on the DIY Brides UK Facebook group said: “I almost didn’t get one, but did at the last minute. Now I’m so grateful I did as the day flew by, and I can barely remember a thing.”

Make the most of this fantastic wedding offer from Shoot It Yourself

“I’m really looking forward to having something to watch to bring it all flooding back, and also footage of my loved ones who won’t be here forever (sorry not to be morbid!). I originally thought videos were cheesy, but I’m genuinely so glad they were there on the day.”

It would have been nice to have a video to show the children

Your wedding video is a lovely keepsake for your little ones for when they are older. It shows ‘mummy and daddy’ when they were much younger looking, with their closest friends and family.

It would have been an investment for the future when you’ve been married a long time

It’s not how many times you watch your wedding video that counts, but its what it means to you when you do.

It will grow in value over time and in 20, 30, 40 years from now, you can still sit down and watch it together as a reminder of one of the best days of your lives.

Pay no deposit or down payment when you book Shoot It Yourself!

Want to ensure you don’t become another number in the Bride’s Biggest Regrets survey? Shoot It Yourself has done away with a deposit for any weddings getting married this summer if you book this month!

Pay nothing for your wedding video until after the wedding – no deposit, no down payment.

Unlike other wedding suppliers, we wont actually be there on the day, so Shoot It Yourself is happy to offer this favour and let you pay after the wedding day once your finances have recovered.

Make the most of this fantastic wedding offer from Shoot It Yourself

Simply pick a wedding video package, tell Shoot It Yourself a date and they’ll send the cameras with no upfront costs. They’ll then collect the video cameras, before editing the footage into the most awesome wedding video ever.

Get in touch by emailing [email protected] or check out the Shoot It Yourself wedding video packages to find out more!

*This offer is only valid for weddings taking place in 2019 and not for weddings taking place after 1 January 2020. It does not apply to weddings that have already booked with a deposit and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, subject to availability.


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