You’ve dreamed about your perfect wedding since you were little. As soon as it becomes real, that’s when wedding dreams can turn in to wedding nightmares.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The ‘No Plans’ Nightmare

This is experienced by the newly engaged. You go to bed with thoughts flying around and next thing you know, you’re dreaming that it’s already your wedding day.

You’ve made no plans in reality and you’ve made no plans in your dream; no plans means a disastrous wedding.

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No dress, no invitations, no venue, no food and no clue where the groom is.

The ‘Everything Goes Wrong’ Nightmare

You’ve spent a lot of time planning and organising your wedding.

All this goes to waste as soon as your head hits the pillow and have one of those wedding nightmares. Your plans for your big day either disappear or all goes completely wrong.

You turn up in the wrong car to the wrong venue; the bridesmaids are in the wrong dresses; the best man’s brought the wrong rings; the caterers have made the wrong menu; your first dance song is wrong.

The ‘Dress Won’t Fit’ Nightmare

Dieting and getting fit for your special day is a big thing for almost all brides.

In these dreams, zipping up the dress as far as it can go either results in it hanging off you, or you hanging out of the dress.

Either way, not an ideal look for brides who want to look perfect on their wedding day.

You could consider it motivational, but we’d say these kind of wedding nightmares are more stress-inducing than anything.

The ‘Bad Hair Day’ Nightmare

As much as you brush your hair, your dream world just won’t let you stop looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Worst of all, your bridesmaid, mother, mother-in-law and other guests are saying your hair looks beautiful, when you know that it’s far from okay.

The ‘Extremely Late’ Nightmare

Making yourself beautiful and enjoying the morning champagne might make you lose grasp time.

In reality, you’re getting ready with a few people. Odds are one of them is responsible enough to keep their eye on the time.

In the dream, people aren’t always this responsible. Brides often dream of turning up, that no one’s there.

Running fashionably late to a wedding is fine, but a couple of hours, half a day or even a full day might be pushing it.

The ‘No Show’ Nightmare

You look down the aisle and can’t see your man. All the guests are sitting calming and completely normal as if there’s no problem.

You arrive expecting lots of attention and praise for the beautiful bride from family and friends… but the chairs are empty.

Have you had any of these wedding nightmares? Or have you had any others? Do you have any tips?

Let us know!