You’re under the spotlight for every minute of your wedding day so naturally you will want to look perfectly groomed down to the very last detail.

wedding nailsAnd looking beautiful on the outside will make you feel even more gorgeous on the inside. So your skin and hair are under control, but what about your wedding nails? Of course your hands are going to be on show but you mustn’t forget your feet. Even if you’re not wearing open-toed shoes you will need sparkling toenails for your honeymoon.

Your questions answered

Help! One of my wedding nails had broken, what can I do? It’s three days until my wedding.

Don’t panic! You can get a nail extension for one nail only, so call your salon for an emergency appointment. If you can’t get an appointment or don’t have time, use nail glue to stick the nail back into place. If all else fails, file the nail into a regular shape and file the other nails down so that they are not too much longer. Then paint it just the same as the others and no-one will notice. Honest!

My husband bites his nails and it’s horrid, but he can’t stop. What can he do?

Try giving him some clear, nasty tasting nail polish. Or buy him a manicure. Men hate the idea of getting their nails done but it’s surprising how many are enticed to keep them looking good if they can be persuaded to have a manicure in the first place.

You can even get nail strengthener for men that gives a matte finish so no-one will ever know it’s there. If he still won’t comply, make a deal with him whereas he has to give you a pound for every nail he nibbles. You’ll soon get enough to buy you a pair of Jimmy Choos and you won’t care any more!

Will having synthetic wedding nails ruin my nails underneath?

Synthetic nails may weaken your own nails very slightly but as long as you get them done at a well respected, professional salon there should be no need to worry. Bear in mind, the cheaper the salon, the more risk you are taking. You can always ask the manicurist’s advice on the upkeep of your own nails after you’ve had the synthetic ones taken off.

We recommend having…

  • A nail file
  • A colourful nail polish range cuticle oil
  • A nail buffer
  • A cuticle pusher

Different wedding nail styles

Square nails look great and are very ‘now’ Rounded look – traditional and classy Squoval or Olympia is somewhere in between square and rounded, as the name suggests Pointed to give your nails an arty edge Jewelled which look extra glam Coloured tips add vibrancy.

TOP TIP: It is best to shape your nails into the same shape as your cuticles because this will make them appear longer

10 nail conditioning tips

  1. Make sure you trim your nails regularly
  2. Keep a nail file in your handbag so that you are never tempted to rip a broken nail off
  3. Always file your nails in one direction only
  4. Buffing your nails will keep them lovely and smooth, but if your nails are thin and weak do not buff more than once a fortnight because it will wear them down
  5. Before applying polish, clean with nail polish remover to remove nasty grime which will act as a resistant to the polish. Always use base and top coat
  6. Massage a moisturising cuticle oil into the cuticles regularly in order to promote healthy nail growth. Sweet Almond Oil is particularly good for the cuticles
  7. Push back your cuticles so that you can see the little half moon shaped white areas, making your nails appear longer. Do this after a hot bath when your skin is particularly soft
  8. Always cut your toenails horizontally to prevent in-growing nails
  9. Drink lots of milk. Keep your calcium intake up in order to maintain strong nails
  10. NEVER bite or pick at your nails.


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