15 Must Watch Wedding Movies for Brides-To-Be!

Whether you’re in the mood to laugh your socks off or get a little bit teary, these are the top wedding movies to watch!

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to embrace the trend for staying in. What better way to do so than by cuddling up with your other half, armed with popcorn and wine, for a laid-back movie night at home?

Or, how about getting your best girls over for a girly night in? Choose some wedding movies from this list and let your bridesmaids get to know each other as you root for your favourite couples and share the highs and lows of wedding planning with the likes of Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and Amanda Seyfried.


The Wedding Date

Mamma Mia

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My Best Friend’s Wedding


The Proposal

Bride Wars

The Wedding Singer


27 Dresses

The Wedding Planner

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Wedding Crashers

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Father Of the Bride



Runaway Bride

The Hangover

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Bridesmaids gets designer Bethan’s vote, while editorial assistant Lauren would choose The Proposal every time. For deputy editor Becci, it has to be Bride Wars, but for art director Lee it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding. Senior artworker Rob loves Wedding Crashers, and you’ll find online editor Annie watching Mamma Mia!

Which of these wedding movies is your favourite and why?