We’ve pulled together a guide on wedding makeup rules you need to know to ensure you look your very best on your big day.

makeup application The 10 Wedding Makeup Rules You Should KnowThe 10 Wedding Makeup Rules You Should Know

Less is more

It’s important to remember that you’re going to be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life. So, go for a timeless look that won’t make you cringe when you’ve got the album out in years to come.

Get lippy

If you have thin lips, it’s better to avoid dark or red lipsticks, particularly if you are over 30. Your wedding makeup should look fresh and sweet, and not too vampy.


Skin should look flawless so make sure you have a solid skincare routine in place leading up to the day. Look after your diet with healthy food and drink plenty of water. This will cleanse your system and keep you hydrated, whilst also making your skin glow.

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Keep it light

For your wedding makeup, you should use a light foundation. Why? Heavy foundation looks cakey and you can layer a thin and medium consistency to achieve better coverage. If you’re looking to hide blemishes, your best bet is to use a good concealer to cover up.

The eyes

Eyes need to have an impact, so use eyeliner or a pencil, a soft shimmer eyeshadow above the lash line. Also, add lashings of mascara to make them pop.


Blusher needs to be just that: a blush. So choose a blusher that is soft and suitable for your skin tone. Subtlety is always best you just want to add a hint of colour. Stick to that and you’ll be the perfect blushing bride.

Tearing up

It’s always a good idea for brides to stick to waterproof mascara because there may be some emotional moments. Waterproofing avoids mascara-stained cheeks, which isn’t a good look on anyone, let alone a bride.

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Top up

Keep your lipstick and a pressed powder compact nearby at all times so you can check how you look and refresh your lips and skin if needed. This way you will always be camera ready.

Rosy cheeks

Drinking alcohol can make the skin flush, so go easy on the drinks if you want to avoid rosy cheeks.

Bridal party

The look for the bridal party must also be gorgeous, of course. Your bridesmaids need to look pretty too, but not so much that they outshine the bride. How about corresponding the colours of their outfits with their make-up?


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