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7 Things Your Wedding Invitations Must Include

The first impression, the prettiest palette, the neatest design. You may have chosen your wedding stationery carefully but are you missing the essential details? These are the most important details wedding invitations must include to ensure your guests know everything they need to know about your big day.

Whether you’ve handmade your invitations or used a particular stationer, there is more to your invitations than what they look like. Although, we are loving these design trends. They’re the little bible of information for your guests and, as such, there are certain things they absolutely must have space to include.

Your names

This is the last time you’ll officially announce yourself by your maiden name before you reach the aisle. So, let your names take pride of place on your wedding invitations.

Their names

Don’t make it ambiguous as to who is invited. Name each person specifically, making sure you specify whether it is just them, the kids and/or a plus one as well.

Your wedding date AND time

Adding the date is obvious, but don’t forget to include the ceremony start time on your wedding invitations, too. In the happy rush of orders, it can be easy to let silly but essential details like this slip.

Your venues

Include the details for both the wedding ceremony and the reception if you’re holding them at separate locations. You’ll need to include the names and addresses of both, ideally with directions, too. Again, include the time to arrive at the reception for the guests’ information – and only include this for guests who are evening-only.

RSVP requirements

When is the latest date for guests to let you know if they’ll be attending? How would you like them to do it – by phone, email, RSVP card or by responding on your wedding website? Make it easy and clear for guests to get back to you. The sooner you know, the sooner you can get your seating plan sorted (and that’ll be a BIG relief!).

Gift list

It’s a given for most weddings that gifts will be involved. It might feel strange or presumptive to include your gift list but it’ll actually be less awkward for your guests. They’ll know their options and be able to get your gift sorted.


Do you need to add an insert with additional details? Details such as parking options, places to stay or directions from the ceremony to the reception venue. As well as the dress code or specific theme details that they need to be aware of. Remember to order these at the same time as your wedding invitations so that A) they match and B) they can all be sent at once.

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