Many couples may hope for sunshine on their wedding day, but few would expect temperatures to reach up to 30 degrees during their UK wedding – but that could well happen for early September brides this year! Here’s our top tips and what to do if your wedding happens during a heatwave.

So many couples get married in summer, it can be hard to make yours stand out. That's where these summer wedding ideas come in, to make yours a show-stopper

Wedding expert Lisa Forde, who founded her leading stationery company Tree of Hearts almost two decades ago, is on hand with top tips for brides-to-be to combat the unexpected heat for themselves and for guests.

Top Tips to Deal With Hot Weather During Your Wedding

Wedding Heatwave Tips For Your Guests

Give out cooling accessories

So many couples get married in summer, it can be hard to make yours stand out. That's where these summer wedding ideas come in, to make yours a show-stopper
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If it’s a scorcher, you don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable during the ceremony – especially if it’s outdoors! Why not give out parasols, hand fans and bottles of water to guests on arrival? That way they’ll enjoy the service without melting away!

Offer ice creams

Following the ceremony, why not swap your prosecco for a choice of ice creams? Or add ice lollies to your ‘Pimp your Prosecco’ stand? Tasty and cooling.

Speak to the venue about weather possibilities

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Speak to your venue ahead of the day and see if there is shade available. If not directly where the ceremony will be held, is there some shade guests can wait in until five minutes before the service starts? There’s nothing worse than cooking in the sun for half an hour while waiting for all the guests to arrive.

If your venue has the option to move the ceremony indoors, maybe talk to your partner and have a think about this new option. If it’s air conditioned it might be a nicer experience.

Dot suncream and candles around

Someone’s bound to have forgotten their suncream, maybe have some dotted around the venue or task one of the ushers to go round and check if anyone needs any – this gets people talking and will result in a few laughs.

With heat generally comes flies and mosquitos, grab some mosquito-repelling candles to avoid having these guys buzzing around all night.

Offer more water

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Alcohol and sun can be a bad combination, so make sure you’ve got lots of water available to all guests throughout the day.

Remember the cake!

It’s crucial to find somewhere cool for your wedding cake on a hot day, especially if it contains chocolate, butter or cream. Be sure to ring the venue beforehand to ensure they’ve got a cool spot for the cake to rest, be that a fanned area, a basement or fridge.

Wedding Heatwave Tips For Your Wedding Party

Run cold water on your wrists

Regularly run cold water over your wrists when you feel yourself getting hot, or have a cold flannel nearby at all times to do the same thing. It’s a quick way to cool the whole body down.

Discuss options with your hair and make up artist

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Speak to your make up artist ahead of time and seek advice from them on ensuring your makeup lasts all day despite the heat. They are experts and will be able to calm your nerves.

Maybe consider an updo or a hairstyle with hair off the face for the bride and bridesmaids, there’s nothing worse than hair around your neck and back when sweating in the sun.

Think about clothing and footwear

Consider bringing flats or flip flops to change into, high heels can get even more uncomfortable when temperatures rise.

Wearing a suit is going to be pretty uncomfortable for the men at your wedding. The groomsmen could wear half lined suits and lighter cotton shirts, they look the same but will keep them cooler on the big day.

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