Head giraffe, Rachel Southwood has been featured in the July Issue of Orange Business magazine.

Why I chose Business Sense

Name – Rachel Southwood
Founder and publisher Company – Wedding Ideas, bridal magazine

We’ve been with Orange for eight years, ever since we launched Wedding Ideas, and we have nine handsets. For me, Orange customer service is unbeatable – it’s always nice to hear a friendly Geordie accent, but it makes good business sense, too.

Orange is great at moulding my Business Sense plan to suit me, and our bills have reduced a lot since we renewed our contract.

Social media is a massive part of what we do. I’m on Twitter and Facebook a lot in the evening – it’s what I use my BlackBerry® for. I’ve also got an iPad data roaming bundle, which is ideal for when we’re doing business abroad.

Best of all, I rarely have problems with reception – that’s what I love about Orange more than anything.

Photo credit – Jim Wileman



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