What are the latest bridal beauty treatments to get you looking gorgeous for your big day? We sent Wersha Bharadwa  to find out…

Luxe Lashes

From £60 half set; £120 full set www.lashperfect.co.uk

I don’t think I’ve ever fluttered my lashes as much as I have done this week – but my goodness, am I in love with them! I’ve just had a half set of lashes applied at celebrity lash bar, Lash Perfect Lash Bar in Soho, London and I know this is the start of a lifelong relationship with lash extensions. Up until last week, I was a solid strip-lash girl. But as far as bridal treatments go, I really can’t recommend this enough. First there’s no need to apply strip lashes for your big day – you wake up with eyes which already look densely populated with lashes, and an essential mascara effect.


However, if you want to glam it up a bit for the reception, my therapist advised me I could apply strip lashes above the lash extensions if I was extra careful with the glue not getting attached to the individual lashes These lashes were truly tried and tested – not only did I fly overseas with them, as you will be doing on your honeymoon, but spent lots of time in the pool and sun too. With proper attention and care, they stayed mostly intact. I went for slightly longer lashes at the end and all with a curl to give a flirtier look. Mine lasted around four-to-five weeks.

beauty-fixes-lash bar Treatment-Room

Fat-Busting with Malvina Fraser at the KX Spa

From £200 per session www.kxlife.co.uk

Malvina is the most cheerful administer of fat-busting treatments available – and importantly, the most honest. No wonder her client list includes Kylie, Madonna, Yasmin Le Bon and Duffy. With over 30 years of experience in the medical beauty industry, I speak at length with her about various forms of non-invasive, non-surgical blubbler removal at her suite in the luxurious KX Spa in Draycott Avenue, Chelsea. What Malvina does next is genius – she mixes up and combines treatments to suit my individual needs as opposed to administering juse one. I saw her for a bit of pre-bikini season thigh contouring using mostly the Velashape II treatment. This is the most advanced, non-surgical fat reduction and body shaping system on the market at the moment.


Velashape II incorporates heat, radio-frequency and infrared laser to stimulate the release of fatty acids and glycerol which help shrinks fat cells to improve cellulite. Malvina applies the machine using long strokes around my thighs and back. The heat is uncomfortable but there is no soreness or downtime after the treatment. I am happy to report back smoother legs and lower back too. Malvina has been the beauty ambassador for Marks and Spencer and has also recently launched her own skincare brand which includes face firming serum and moisturizer, which you can buy online at malvinaskincare.com.

beauty-fixes-Malvina Spa Reception

Teeth Whitening at The London Smile Studio

From £395 www.smile-studio.co.uk

Dr Wyman Chan is up there as one of my all-time beauty heroes. Not just because he does an absolutely smashing job with whitening teeth, but because he’s also a pioneer in the technology behind a brighter smile. Since the cosmetic teeth whitening rules changed in 2012, he’s had to invent less abrasive but effective methods to give his loyal clientele his signature Hollywood smile. All of Girls Aloud have been treated by Dr Chan, as has Jessie J. Not wanting to feel left out, I went in for a thermal laser treatment which takes roughly an hour.

Before my treatment, I got to relax in the Shiatstu chair for a while and read before being given some goggles, which not only protect my eyes from the treatment, but double-up as a mini-DVD screen so I can watch a film whilst Dr Chan gets to work. It feels like a day at the spa. I am made trays for my take-home teeth whitening treatment, Get2Smile, at the studio as there is an in-house laboratory. The home bleaching boosts and maintains the work done at the clinic, and there is absolutely none of the sensitivity I’ve experience in the past with other teeth whitening systems. It’s always a 10/10 from me here!

Have you got a bridal beauty trick? Share it with us today! Or are you still searching for your perfect big day hairstyle? We’ve got some great ideas for you right here


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