Photo booths are one of the hottest entertainment ideas for weddings right now.

Not only do they provide hours of entertainment for guests of all ages, the pictures also act as a fab favour that guests can take home as a reminder of the big day. But what actually happens when you hire one? We went behind the scenes with top photo booth providers Booth Revolution to get the low-down…


1 month to go…

We pride ourselves on being super organised here at Booth Revolution HQ so we always try to plan at least a month ahead for each wedding, starting with contacting our couples to finalise arrangements.

We contact the couple to confirm what time they would like their photo booth to start and to find out their preferred location for the booth at the venue. Our Classic Booth requires a floor space of 2.3×1.25 metres and a ceiling height of 2.3 metres. This booth is really compact, fits through a normal sized door and can be transported up and down stairs pretty easily.

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We are always happy to liaise with the venue on the couple’s behalf to arrange the best place for the booth to go, as well as finalise the set up and break down times. We will also discuss their backdrop choice and the details they would like on their prints at this time.


One week to go…

If the couple have opted for one of our customised backdrops, we will make this in the week before the wedding. We offer a bespoke service where our couples can let us know the colours and themes associated with their wedding and then we will design something accordingly.

The day before…

The day before the wedding we will check all of the equipment over and make sure our booth attendants have everything they need to complete the booking. We’ve recently moved offices as we ran out of room to store the photo booths! Now we have a separate bay for each one, which makes things really simple and organised.

We pack fresh props in the props boxes, which can be themed depending on what the couple has asked for. We also make sure the correct backdrops are with the correct booths and check that all of our staff have the right shoot details. The booth attendants are given a list of everything they need to know, including venue details, set up times and start times.


On the wedding day…

The booth attendants will arrive at the appropriate time to collect their booths from our HQ. We always allow plenty of travelling time for them in case the traffic is busy on the way to the venue.

Once they arrive, they will contact a member of staff and begin to set up the booth in the confirmed location. They will then test it to check that the lighting and camera settings are correct, as well as check that there is plenty of paper in the printer.

Once the booth opens, the first guests will go in and the fun will begin! One of our attendants will help the guests operate the booth and explain how it works. The other will be in charge of compiling the guest book for the couple, which they will be presented with at the end of the night.

At the end of hire period they will attempt to close the photo booth. This often proves difficult because people are having such a good time! Once the queue has subsided, they will shut it all down, pack it away and drive back to HQ.


The day after the wedding…

Normally on a Monday morning our first job is to edit and upload all of the photos from the weekend’s events. This can take a while because of the size of the files. Once the pictures are available we contact the couples to let them know they are available to view and download.

We then get on with the job of burning their disc of images and aim to send these out two weeks after the wedding.

Like the sound of that?

Then why not book your booth today? Find out more by emailing the team at [email protected] or call 01423 206 277. You can also check out more real-life photobooth pictures at and follow the team @boothrevolution