As Halloween approaches, we thought it would be a good time to share some ghastly wedding horror stories to send a shiver down your spine. Nicola Winslade is the Wedding Coordinator at Bishopstrow Hotel and Spa, one of the most exclusive wedding venues Wiltshire has to offer, and she has a couple of hair-raisers to share with us…!


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Speak now, or forever hold your peace…

It’s the classic soap-opera moment: a disgruntled ex-lover bursts through the doors of the church, limbs flailing; possibly in tears; shrieking “I OBJECT!”. But what if the offending words of objection don’t come from the mouth of a scorned lover, but from the bride herself? On one such occasion, we had a bride so nervous and jittery that she accidentally said “I don’t” instead of “I do”! Luckily for her, the officiant was very understanding and let her compose herself before trying again, but if you did that in Austria, the wedding would be immediately cancelled and couldn’t be rearranged for another 10 weeks!


Stranger in the room

Inviting plus ones to a wedding can be tricky business because you always run that risk of ending up with almost total strangers at your wedding. And what if that stranger is a really attractive woman? And what if she takes a shine to the groom? And what if she gets really drunk and starts introducing herself to guests at the groom’s ‘second wife’? The best man saved the day and managed to get her in a taxi and far away, but honestly, we’ve seen it all…


Kids will be kids…

This is one we’ve had few cases of over the years. When you bring your kids to a wedding, it can be difficult to constantly keep tabs on them, especially once the wine starts flowing. So where is your little darling? You can’t see him or her anywhere… Oh lord, there’s the little sweetheart; under the top table; smearing cake on the legs of the unsuspecting wedding party. Deny association: not my child, not my child!

Stay focussed

What’s worse than really naff, awkwardly posed wedding photos? Well, no photos at all is probably right up there… We once had a photographer completely fail to arrive on the day of a wedding. So, all of a sudden we have a panicking bride; who is a nanosecond away from ruining her beautiful make-up, and no one to photograph the wedding. By some miracle we managed to call in a favour from a local photographer, but on such short notice he could only get there after the ceremony. This meant that the only photographs the poor bride has of her beautiful ceremony are from the phones of friends and family. Not ideal…

We’re sure there are much more terrifying and torturous wedding ordeals out there, but that’s enough nuptial nightmares for the time being! Luckily at Bishopstrow, things tend to run pretty smoothly, so Nicola hasn’t had to deal with too many wedding disasters. If you’d like to know more about the far from frightful wedding services at one of the most exclusive Wiltshire wedding venues, give the dedicated team a call on 01985 878695 or email


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