When it comes to wedding hairstyles, brides are pretty spoilt for choice. Not only do you need to find a do that make you feel comfortable, but a bridal hairstyle that matches your wedding dress and veil.

Wedding Hairstyles: The Ultimate Guide

Wedding Hairstyles: The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Hair

Whether you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair, wedding hair up do inspiration, or ideas on how to style short hair for your wedding day, here you’ll find plenty of bridal hair inspiration in our ultimate guide to wedding hairstyles…No matter what style of wedding you are planning, we’ve got an extensive list of wedding hairstyles to suit your dress and day!

Wedding Hair Up Dos

If you want an elegant wedding up-do, but you’re not sure what will work best for you, we’ve put together different wedding hair up styles that will look gorgeous on your big day…

1920s Glam Hair up Style

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide wedding hair up do
© andreapickering.com

We love the vintage glamour of a 1920s hairstyle. This wedding hairstyle looks classy on any bride and adding a beaded headpiece will make sure you’re wedding-ready! If you choose to wear a headpiece, it’s best to wear simple jewellery so that it doesn’t detract and look too OTT.

Loose Wedding Hair up do

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide Loose up do
© freedweddings.com

A messy chignon bun with some loose curls is perfect for a bride who wants a more ‘relaxed’ up-do. You can make this style as messy as you like whilst accessorising with a tiara or jewelled hairband. We love this style!

Wedding Hair up With Fringe

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide Loose up do with fringe
© dominicwhiten.co.uk

If you’re rocking a fringe it can sometimes be difficult to know whether to pin it back or keep it loose if you’re having a wedding up-do. A styled bun with a beautiful tiara will show off your fab fringe and will also look gorgeous with or without a veil!

Boho Braided up do

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide braided up do
© im-art.co.uk

Braided wedding hair is becoming increasingly popular and we can certainly see why. There are so many braid styles to choose from and you’re guaranteed to turn heads. Plaiting the front of your hair also means that you won’t have any wispy hairs flying around during the photographs and will make sure your hair remains perfect all day long.

Bouffant Wedding Hair up do

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide bouffant up do
© johastingsphotography.co.uk

A bouffant up-do is perfect for a bride who wants a fairytale wedding. This classic style looks glam with or without a tiara and veil, and will make you feel fabulous on your wedding day.

Side-bun Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide up do side bun
© polkadotbride.com

A side bun looks both beautiful and classy. Keep it simple with delicate earrings or for a more dramatic look, add a few curls to frame your face and accessorise show-stopper earrings. This look will never go out of fashion and will show off the neckline of your dress, or your shoulders if you’ve gone strapless.

Simple Wedding Up Do

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide simple up do
© alanlawphotography.co.uk

Sometimes, keeping it simple is best. You want to feel comfortable and feel like ‘you’ on your special day so don’t go for a drastic up-do that is something you don’t love. A simple chignon with a veil will always look chic.

Wedding up do With Flowers

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide up do with flowers
© modwedding.com

If you’re a boho bride or having a relaxed country-garden theme then accessorise your up-do with some colourful flowers. Why not match the flowers in your hair to your wedding bouquet?

When it comes to wedding hair accessories, we love the textured curls and sparkly clip in this up-do, for a softer, romantic look. For a more laid-back up-do, braiding the front of the hair round to the back is simple yet stunning and works perfectly with an understated dress and natural makeup look.

Wearing your hair up doesn’t mean it always has to be tied to the back where it might not be seen in some photos. Consider having your up-do slightly to one side to show off your styling and beautiful hair accessories. Leaving a little hair loose at the front keeps this hair look soft and charming.

Half-up Half-down Wedding Hairstyles

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is one of the most popular bridal styles ever. This elegant style looks graceful and keeps your hair off your face at the same time. Add in a few feminine curls or keep it sleek and straight.

Classic Half Up Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide half up half down wedding hair style
© hollydeacondesign.com

Gentle, loose curls with some hair clipped back is a timelessly elegant style for a more traditional bride.

Hair Down Wedding Styles

If you don’t usually wear your hair up, you might not want to suddenly make the change on your wedding day!

Relaxed Curly Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide hair down with tiara
© beweddingphotography

We think this half-up, half-down style with soft curls pulled to the side is the perfect middle ground and gorgeous for any bride!

Boho Hair Down Style

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide hair down flower garland
© chrisbarberphotography.co.uk

If sparkly clips just aren’t you, don’t wear one! We love the loose, tousled waves in this bride’s hair coupled with a pretty flower crown for a more relaxed, boho or country wedding.

Natural Straight Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide hair down
© albertpalmerphotography.com

Likewise, if tightly styled or curled hair isn’t your cup of tea, it’s not the only option! Simpler, more natural styles like this bride’s long loose hair with a little pulled to the back are elegant and beautiful and – importantly – will keep you looking and feeling like yourself on such a special day.

Long Relaxed Wedding Hairstyle


Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide hair down
© ladandlass.co.za

If you’re blessed with long thick locks, let them take centre stage in all their natural glory. Bridal hair ideas don’t have to be styled and intricate to be special and should remain true to who you are!

Wedding Hairstyles With Veils

For many brides, it’s putting on a veil that makes them finally feel like a true bride.

Traditional Veil Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide hair down with veil
© annafowler.com

We love the lace edging on this veil which works with the lace gown. Wear it clipped to the back to showcase both your veil and your locks at the same time.

Lace Veil Hairstyle

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide hair down with veil
© dwlp.com

Draw on details in your dress when choosing your veil and bridal hair. This bride looks incredible with long curls and a scalloped lace edge veil which complements the sweetheart neckline and lace details on her dress.

Birdcage Style Veil

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide wedding hair up do with veil
© craigsandersphotography.co.uk

Take inspiration from this bride and don’t be afraid to pair a veil with an up-do or to opt for a chic birdcage style rather than a longer veil.

Wedding Hairstyles by Season

Whether you’re getting married in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, we’ve got bridal hair expert, Vicki Lord, to give us the lowdown on the best wedding hairstyles for every season…

Wedding Hairstyles for Spring

Boho Fishtail Plaits

The boho fishtail plaits hairstyle is a natural and feminine bridal look and it is perfect for a Spring wedding, adorned with seasonal fresh flowers or floral accessories.

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide spring hair up do
Photographer: Darren Brade  Makeup: Nicola Peen Hair Accessory: Gillian Million

To achieve this Spring wedding hairstyle:
• I prepped the hair by applying Batiste dry shampoo at the root area, and gently back combed it to create height.
• I then fishtail-braided large sections of the hair, securing with braiding bands randomly all over the head.
• I gently pulled at the sides of the braids to slightly loosen the fishtails. Don’t rush this part, there is much skill in creating an ‘undone’ look, that stays securely in place.
• I gradually piled the fishtail braids on top of one another to create height. To secure the braided hair-up do, I used grips, and sprayed hairspray to set the style in place.
• Top tip: Once the hairstyle is in place gently pull sections of hair down at the temple and side area to soften look and to frame the face.
• I finally dressed the boho hairstyle with a delicate pearl accessory.

Wedding Hairstyles for Summer

The Hollywood Side Wave

The Hollywood side wave is a stunning and sophisticated hairstyle, and perfect for those opting for a hair down style, but still having some structure, and allowing brides to keep cool in the Summer heat.

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide summer hollywood smooth hair
Photographer: Darren Brade  Makeup: Nicola Peen Hair Accessory: Gillian Million

To achieve this Summer wedding hairstyle:
• I evenly sprayed the blow-dried hair with heat protector spray throughout, and then created a deep side parting.
• Starting from the nape of the neck, I worked in horseshoe sections around the head, taking large sections of hair and wrapping it around wand/curling tong, keeping the wand vertical. I curled the hair in one direction then curled the hair in the opposite direction at the next horseshoe section. This helps create an ‘S’ shaped wave.
• Top tip: Make sure you pin the curls in place with sectioning clips and allow to cool, this will create a stronger and lasting curl.
• After I curled all hair, I removed the pins, then gently brushed the hair through to create a soft wave, and kept brushing through to sculpt the wave.
• I applied sectioning clips in the deepest part of the wave closest to the scalp, and sprayed with hairspray. I removed the clips to reveal the stunning Marcel wave!
• This look works great with strapless dresses and oozes class and sophistication, and by sweeping the hair over the shoulder, the back is left bare and fresh.
• I accessorised with a side headband to add sparkle and to give the look a Summer vibe.

Wedding Hairstyles for Autumn

Voluminous Side Pony

The voluminous side ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for brides desiring a simply achieved, yet dramatic look on their wedding day.

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide autumn wedding hair to side plait
Photographer: Darren Brade  Makeup: Nicola Peen Hair Accessory: Gillian Million

To achieve this Autumn wedding hairstyle:
• I back bushed the hair generously, giving it the amazing height and volume required for the impact. I also used Batiste dry shampoo, which is fabulous for creating extra volume.
• I then nipped in the hair at the side of the head to create the wavy ponytail, being careful not to flatten any of the lift I had created. By placing the ponytail over one shoulder this style adds drama to the overall look, especially if the neckline of the dress is asymmetrical, or the dress is backless.
• This hairstyle is best created with a slightly ‘undone’ textured appearance, by leaving tendrils of floating hair to give a modern on-trend finish. It also allows for a little Autumn breeze to flow through it during outdoor photographs.
• Remember to use a good quality hairspray throughout the styling, as well as the dry shampoo.
• To complete the Autumn voluminous side pony, add a seasonal hair accessory, with colours that will compliment the overall theme.

Wedding Hairstyles for Winter

Simple Chignon

This bridal up-do gives an air of ice queen, but with a softness and a warm heart of course; it is perfect for a Christmas wedding.

Wedding Hair Styles: The Ultimate Guide winter wedding hair up do
Photographer: Darren Brade  Makeup: Nicola Peen Hair Accessory: Gillian Million

To achieve this Winter wedding hairstyle:
• The hair is tonged in preparation for styling, and then I swept it into a ponytail at the crown of the head. At this point you can leave a section out at the front depending on how you wish to frame the face.
• Because the hair is pulled gently away from the face, the eyes and cheek bones are enhanced.
• I back brushed the ponytail to create volume, and it is this volume that creates the necessary height for the look, and at the same time elongating the neck line.
• I smoothed the top layer of the ponytail to create a shine and polished texture.
• I then flipped the ponytail forward and secured it with grips horizontally in a line two inches away from the base of the ponytail.
• Once this is secured, I flipped the rest of the ponytail hair back, and tucked it under itself. This created a simple chignon bun, which I secured in place with grips, and added spray to set.
• I added a jewelled wrap accessory to create a glamorous sparkle, and dimension to this wonderful winter hairstyle.

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