Every bride-to-be wants gorgeous wedding-day hair. And while plenty of brides still rock short hair (and look fabulous), more and more women are getting hair extensions fitted to add that extra length and volume for their big day.

So we asked London’s leading hair extension expert, Louise Bailey, how brides (who are struggling to grow their own hair) can use extensions as a shortcut to achieving that fuller look and have the hair they’ve always dreamed of for their wedding day.

How can hair extensions help a bride create her desired wedding hair style?

Many brides have a fixed idea of how they would like their hair on their wedding day and very often their stylist will say that the look could be more easily achieved if they had just a little bit more hair.

Hair extensions can help brides achieve instant length and volume and whether they want a fuller-looking up-do or want to wear their hair down, hair extensions can give brides the dream hair they’ve always wanted on their wedding day.

How long before the wedding should a bride get her hair extensions done?

For tape hair extensions, I would suggest to get them fitted a week or two before the wedding. This would allow the bride to wash the extensions, plan the desired bridal look with their stylist, and get the feel of having extensions in.

If the brides would like extensions fitted for her hen, Richy tape extensions can be worn three times so the bride can have the hair extensions from her hen all the way through to her honeymoon.
If the tape extensions are fitted for the hen do, the bride will just need a re-tape before the wedding, and another re-tape before the honeymoon to ensure the extensions stay close up to the scalp.

What type of hair extensions are recommended for brides?

The type of hair extensions would depend on whether the bride-to-be is wanting something more permanent or just temporary for the wedding day.

I would usually recommend tape extensions because they are very versatile and can be fitted for the hen and events leading up to the wedding then removed and reapplied for the big day itself, and also on the honeymoon.
If the bride does not want to commit to tape hair extensions, I would recommend clip-in hair extensions or Richy’s own product, Hair Flow, which helps to thicken the bride’s natural hair and can be removed easily at the end of the day. Your hair stylist can easily fit the Hair Flow  in your hair and can be styled according to your desired look.

If you have somebody styling your hair on your big day, it is really important to inform that you have tape extensions in or you will have extensions done before your wedding so you can have a wedding trial with them.

Will the hair extensions show if the bride has an up-do?

If the extensions applied correctly on the head, they will not show. Any reputable and professional hair extensionist will be able to place the hair extensions in the right position so they do not show. The bride can wear high pony tails and half-up half-down dos with hair extensions that are fitted properly.

Do tape extensions damage the hair?

Tape extensions will not damage the natural hair when they are applied correctly by an experienced hair technician. The hair extension brand is also key when it comes to choosing hair extensions for your wedding day because the brand determines the hair quality and method of application.

The pivotal combination of a good hair extension brand and professional technician will result in no damage and the natural hair will remain untouched, in the best condition for it to grow naturally.

Richy provide professional natural-looking hair extensions. For more information, visit: www.richyhair.uk

For prices and more info on tape extensions with Louise Bailey, visit: www.hair-extensionslondon.co.uk


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