Thinking about trying hair extensions for your wedding day? From the different types to styling tips, here’s everything you need to know ahead of your big day.


Everything you need to know about hair extensions for your wedding day

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to be looking and feeling great from top to toe. And what better place to start than with your hair. Whether you want to add thickness, or change the length of your hair, extensions can be a great way to amp up your bridal hair do.

We quizzed hair extensions experts at The London Hair Lab, who’s salon-quality hair proves to be a saviour for brides-to-be looking for a shortcut to long, luscious locks on their wedding day.

How can hair extensions help a bride create her desired wedding hair style?

Many brides have a fixed idea of how they would like their hair on their wedding day and very often their stylist will say that the look could be more easily achieved if they had just a little bit more hair.

The London Hair Lab at Vixen & Blush

What are the different types of hair extensions?

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There are five different types of popular hair extensions. The London Hair Lab also offer seem-less clip ins as a temporary hair extension method.

• Flat Tip Hair aka micro bond method
• I-Tip Hair aka micro ring method
• Invisible Tape Hair (tape method)
• Weft Hair aka weaves (LA Weave method)
• Clip-in Pieces

The benefits of flat tip hair extensions (micro bonds)

Flat tip hair are bonds that are attached with a keratin resin and ideal for medium to fine hair types. Micro bonds are the most discreet method allowing you to apply in the smallest of areas. However, the hair isn’t a reusable method, so if you decide you like your longer, fuller hair after your big day, you will need new hair every three months.

The pros and cons of micro ring hair extensions aka I-Tip hair

Along with micro bonds, micro rings are also considered a permanent method, lasting up to three months. However, micro rings are reusable, so are much more cost effective if you’re on a budget and are the best option when it comes to quality hair for your wedding. On the other hand, it can be possible to lose a little bit of length (around half an inch) when you have the hair refit.

What about tape hair extensions? How do they work?

Invisible tape extensions involve two pieces of hair sandwiched together using medical A-grade tape. These are ideal for people with fine hair looking to add volume. Tape hair extensions are a great introduction for those who have never had extensions before and are considered to be a semi-permanent method, lasting between 6 and 8 weeks. It’s unlikely tape hair extensions will damage your hair if they are fitted properly, however, you may lose a little bit of length when refitting.

Hair by The London Hair Lab

Clip-in hair extensions explained

Lastly the seem-less clip ins from The London Hair Lab at Vixen & Blush are suitable for most hair types. These are classed as a temporary method. To avoid any damage to your hair these should only be worn a maximum of three or four times a week and always removed before bed.

These are a great option if you want to add thickness and length for a one-off occasion, like a wedding. However, you have to rely on yourself or your hair stylist to fit them, and may need some friends to be on extension watch on the big day.

What would be the best hair extensions for your wedding day?

Depending on the bride-to-be, and the desired effect, all methods have their advantage and disadvantage, so we always recommend booking in for a consultation first.

Different methods suit different people, different preferences and hair types. It also depends on what style the bride wants to achieve on her wedding day.

For example, tape extensions are great for a Boho look, adding volume to hair-down styles, but they probably wouldn’t work for sleek up-dos.

Additionally, if the bride wanted to maintain the extensions for a while after the wedding, or keep them in for the honeymoon, investing in good quality hair can make all the difference.

How to look after your hair extensions

Vixen & Blush always talk through maintenance and aftercare with each client and offer a detailed aftercare leaflet for everyone to take home and read through at their own leisure.

Simple things like using a soft-bristle brush, using a good quality salon branded volume shampoo and a hydrating conditioner will help keep your hair looking better for longer.

Always drying your hair at the root and not wearing your hair in a too-high bun or ponytail will also help, particularly for those who have opted for tape extensions.


Wedding Ideas tried out the Invisible Tape hair extensions from Vixen & Blush, read all about our thoughts here.

We also asked London’s leading hair extension expert, Louise Bailey, about how brides should plan their bridal hair before the big day.

How long before the wedding should a bride get extensions fitted?

For tape hair extensions, I would suggest to get them fitted a week or two before the wedding. This would allow the bride to wash the extensions, plan the desired bridal look with their stylist, and get the feel of having extensions in.

If the brides would like extensions fitted for her hen, most tape extensions can be re-fit and worn three times so the bride can have the hair extensions from her hen all the way through to her honeymoon.
If the tape extensions are fitted for the hen do, the bride will just need a re-tape before the wedding. We also recommend another re-fit before the honeymoon. 

Will they show if the bride has an up-do?

If the extensions are applied correctly on the head, they will not show. Any reputable and professional hair extensionist will be able to place the hair extensions in the right position so they do not show.

The bride can wear high pony tails and half-up half-down dos with hair extensions that are fitted properly. However, it’s worth considering your desired style before opting for the type of hair extension. As mentioned before, tapes would be best for fuller, down-dos while micro rings or bonds will look seamless in sleek up-dos.

Do tape extensions damage the hair?

Tape extensions will not damage the natural hair when they are applied correctly by an experienced technician. The brand is also key when it comes to choosing hair extensions for your wedding day because the brand determines the hair quality and method of application.

The pivotal combination of a good brand and professional technician will result in no damage and the natural hair will remain untouched, in the best condition for it to grow naturally.

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