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Every bride-to-be wants gorgeous wedding-day hair. And while plenty of brides still rock short hair (and look fabulous), more and more women are getting hair extensions fitted to add that extra length and volume for their big day.

So we asked Beauty Works‘ pro Hair Extensionist, Reece Midgley, how brides who are struggling to grow their hair can get extensions as a shortcut to achieving that fuller look and get the hair they’ve always dreamed of for their wedding day.

How can hair extensions help a bride create her desired wedding hair style?

“Extensions will give you that dreamy princess hair that every bride desires for their wedding day,” says Reece at Daniel Galvin. “They are great as they can hold a blow dry amazingly, ensuring your hair style holds all day and night. And if you are styling your hair more as an ‘up-do’ then they are very discreet and will give you much more to work with, making it easier for your stylist to get the perfect finish.”

How long before the wedding should a bride get her hair extensions done?

“The extensions will feel lightweight and very comfortable from the moment they are fitted. However, I would say allow a  couple of weeks for them to settle into your natural hair. This will also give you time to practise styling it!”

What type of hair extensions are recommended for brides?

“As long as the hair is 100% Remy hair (which Beauty Works provide) then it’s down to the preference of the bride as to which type of extensions they have. The quality of the hair is the most important thing to achieve the desired look and best possible finish for the bride’s big day. I recommend tape hair extensions for the majority of people, as if they are applied correctly, they can be used on hair which is finer or super thick. Tape extensions also give you a seamless blend ensuring the most natural finish.”

How long do tape hair extensions last?

“Tape extensions have a long lifespan giving them a unique selling point over other extensions. You can reuse the hair in your refitting every 6-8 weeks. Beauty Works’ hair is guaranteed for 9 months providing you follow all of the aftercare advice and rules.”

Do tape extensions damage the hair?

“No, not with the right aftercare. Extensions cannot be neglected and need to be looked after by not applying excessive heat and not leaving your extensions in longer than when your advised refit is due. Using treatments and protectors will help keep your hair in good condition.”

How much do tape hair extensions cost?

“The cost is subject to consultation as it depends on how many packs of hair you require and in which shades. Most salons offering Beauty Works’ hair are happy for clients to come in for free consultations to work the cost out clearly.”

Will the extensions show if the bride has an up-do?

“Having a stylist who specialises in hair extensions is important as they will be familiar with the best way to work with them and disguise them in your hair. I find tape extensions are very discreet if the placement of them is correct.”

Can you go into the pool and sea with hair extensions?

“Invisitape extensions are very easy to maintain as long as you remember to pack a sulphate free shampoo and I recommend a Beauty Works’ argan oil mask which will ensure your extensions are hydrated in the sun.

“I wouldn’t recommend to any of my clients submerging their hair in chlorinated water with or without extensions because of how drying it can be. However, salt water is fine for your extensions but you will just need to apply something nourishing afterwards to keep them in the best condition.”

How are tape hair extensions removed?

“Very easily! An alcohol-based solution is applied along the top of the tape and then they are simply peeled apart. There may be a little residue on the hair but is easily combed out and then the solution quickly evaporates. The removal process is very quick.”

What alternative do you suggest for brides that don’t want to commit to tape extensions?

“Clip-in hair extensions are great for that quick-fix if they are applied well. So again I would recommend having a stylist apply them who is used to handling hair extensions.”

Tape hair extensions before and after…

Beauty Works offer professional tape hair extensions which virtually disappear into the hairline to mimic your hair’s natural re-growth. For more information, visit: beautyworksonline.com.

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