Social media etiquette needn’t be a stumbling block for wedding guests or a source of stress for the happy couple. Simply follow these nine social media etiquette tips and you’ll be all-set for success.


DO follow the rules.

We took to Twitter to find out just where brides stand on phones (or social media coverage!) during the ceremony. 11% of you are going unplugged, 33% want a phone-free ceremony and 41% of you are relaxed and have no specific requests.

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Whether you're a guest looking for guidance or a stressed-out bride in need of advice, these are the 9 social media etiquette rules for a happy wedding day
Wedding guests crowding the aisle to capture their own photos do not make for a happy couple or photographer! Best to leave it to the professionals, for the ceremony at least. Image credit:
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DON’T obstruct the photographer’s view.

We’ve seen it so many times: perfect aisle shots shattered because there’s a sea of smart phones being stuck out by guests, trying to nab their shots too. Remember that the couple you’re there to celebrate with have invested a lot in their photographer and chosen them carefully. Give them space to work their magic!


DO stick to the schedule.

Perhaps the couple have earmarked a spot in the ceremony for you to take photos, when the photographer is finished. Or, they’ve gathered on the lawn pre-couple’s portraits to let you get snap happy. Make use of these moments, then respect the boundaries at other times.


DON’T share photos before the evening guests have arrived.

The couple will want their evening guests to get the same surprise as you did. We’ve even heard horror stories where bridesmaids are so keen they upload pictures of the bride to social media before the ceremony has even begun. Surely posting those selfies can wait just a few hours more?

Trust us, sharing photos too soon really can ruin weddings


DO share photos of the newlyweds at their best.

Brides always look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean we don’t all end up with some awkward photos. Perhaps you caught the couple mid-sentence so their grin is more of a gurn… Any which way, only share photographs of the couple looking their brilliant, loved-up, happiest best. Equally, any mishaps or accidents should not be shared on social media unless the couple see the funny side and give you the go ahead.


DON’T become a caption critic.

While we’re sure you wouldn’t be critical in person, captions for photos uploaded to social media are also not the place for negative comments, feedback or critique.


Whether you're a guest looking for guidance or a stressed-out bride in need of advice, these are the 9 social media etiquette rules for a happy wedding day
Remember that attending a wedding means witnessing a very special, private and intimate moment for a couple as they commit to becoming husband and wife. That means their wishes go, so don’t splash their photos all over social media without their say so. Image credit:


DON’T live stream the wedding.

Whether it’s via Facebook or Instagram, this one is a big no-no. You’re attending a private, personal celebration by invitation only – and that invitation does not extend to your entire social media friends list! So, unless you’ve been specifically asked to by the couple, steer clear of live streaming any part of their wedding.


DO use dedicated social media platforms.

Whether they’ve set up a wedding hashtag or purchased a custom Snapchat filter for the celebrations, social media etiquette encourages you to embrace it! You’ll create a personal, real album of the day for them, which everyone will love.


DON’T post photos until you’ve had the go ahead.

It may be that after the evening celebration is in full swing, the social media etiquette rules relax. But not every couple feels the same – some might want to reveal the first wedding photo themselves, others might want to wait for the polished professional pictures and some might not mind at all. If in doubt, wait for the couple to share something first. This is a cue that you are good to go!


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