Weddings are a day of giving. A father gives his daughter away to her new spouse; the best man gives the rings to the groom; the couple give their hearts to each other, all of which sounds very romantic. On a more practical note, though, there is the small question of wedding gifts to be answered.

What should you ask for? What gifts will be right for you? How do you ask? And what should you get each other, if anything at all? Read the top tips below to have your questions answered and create the gift list you really want.


Weddings are a day of giving - a bride's father gives her away, the couple give their hearts, and guests give wedding gifts - but how do you ask for them?

What to ask for

As with lots of things when it comes to wedding planning, do what feels right for you as a couple. If you already live together or perhaps already have a family, the traditional wedding gifts to kit out your first home together might well feel unnecessary.

Don’t rule the idea out completely, though. Your wedding gifts are your perfect chance to get the items you’d love to have but wouldn’t normally justify purchasing. Think statement serving ware, a special cheeseboard, the things that might otherwise feel frivolous but would become special pieces in your home and life together. Try Prezola and The Wedding Shop for these. serving ware and cutlery ranges
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If your kitchen can’t squeeze in another plate, don’t panic! Recent years have seen alternative ideas for wedding gifts become ever more popular and easy to access. Rather than ask for things, why not ask for experiences with the help of Buy Our Honeymoon? Or choose to allocate some of your wedding gifts to be donations to a charity close to your hearts? Almost anything is possible with a little research.

And if you’re still stumped, this is one wedding gift idea you won’t have thought of but will really wish you had!


How to ask for it

To avoid any guests having to ask awkward questions, include all your gift list information (or a pointer to where they can find it) on your invitations. This doesn’t have to sound presumptuous. Simply add in a note to let them know your gift list wishes or website with a thank you, not only for any contribution they might be able to make, but for celebrating your wedding day with you, too. For more guidance on what your invitations need to include, check out these seven invitation essentials.

On the day, even if your gift list is online, make sure you include a cards box. Many guests will still bring cards and some will prefer to give gifts in person. A card box will make them feel comfortable doing so.

Weddings are a day of giving - a bride's father gives her away, the couple give their hearts, and guests give wedding gifts - but how do you ask for them?

What to give each other

Often forgotten when discussing wedding gifts, many couples also choose to give a gift to the person they will also be giving their hand in marriage to. Whether this is done in advance of the wedding date, for example gifting your fiancé their cufflinks or jewellery, or is a surprise on the wedding morning is entirely up to you. If it’s something to be worn on the big day, it can be useful to know it is coming, but you don’t have to give away all the details.

You needn’t limit yourselves to solely on-the-day gifts, though. While these can be treasured as heirlooms afterwards, you’re starting your married life together, so making your gift something for that shared future is an equally thoughtful option. We love these 10 ideas for your groom’s gift (and we’re pretty sure your new hubby will, too!).


While we’re talking about wedding gifts, we thought you might like to have a snoop at seven of the most ridiculous celebrity wedding gifts ever (including Kim Kardashian’s list which alone totalled £432,000 for her former marriage to Kris Humphries!)


What wedding gifts have you got you eye on? What ideas would you add to the list?