Finding thoughtful and original presents for your close friends and family can be stressful, but fear not! The Royal Mint have fab ideas for every age…

Gifts for the little ones

Members of the bridal party, close friends who are expecting or have just had a new baby will love The Lucky Silver Penny, which offers a modern twist on the ancient tradition of crossing a new born’s palm with silver to bring luck and prosperity. These sparkling new sterling silver coins are dated 2014, the year of the baby’s birth, and beautifully presented in either pink or blue packaging with a pouch to treasure the keepsake in forever.


New parents will also be delighted by the 2014 My First Coins Baby Journal, which contains the eight definitive coins of the year, accompanied by illustrations and poems which form a treasure hunt and space to record first milestones in their baby’s life.


Ideas for the guys

A masculine 2014 Proof Sovereign makes a great gift for male relatives, groomsmen or the groom, and is perfect for passing down through the generations. The 22-carat gold Sovereign is the flagship gold coin of The Royal Mint, and is recognised around the world as a coin of distinction, elegance and good taste – perfect for the distinguished men in your life. Each one bears the classic St George and the dragon design that first graced its reverse a century ago and is presented in a stylish wooden display case.


Presents for the girls

For your female friends, the UK ‘Britannia’ Silver Proof One Ounce Coin may be the perfect way to honour this special lady. The Britannia was launched as a sister coin to The Sovereign in 1987, paying respect to the Great British warrior queen, watchful guardian and ruler of the seas, renowned for her beauty and strength. Alternatively, bridesmaids looking for a little extra good fortune will appreciate The 2014 Silver Lucky Penny for any occasion, whilst engaged bridesmaids may appreciate their own Wedding Silver Sixpence.


The Royal Mint continues time-honoured traditions with unique and special gifts, both old and new, to mark your wedding day. Why not include one in your celebration? Or for more great gift ideas, from cufflinks to bracelets and tankards, don’t forget to check out the Wedding Ideas Shop!