Why A Wedding Gift List Is A No-Brainer

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘wedding gift list’? Scanning traditional wedding china in a department store? Or perhaps you’ve dismissed the idea because you already live together and would rather have money. We’re introducing a new kind of wedding gift list and trust us when we say that you’ll definitely want one. From asking-for-cash conundrums to figuring out what to get, we know what you’re thinking and Prezola, the UK’s favourite wedding gift list, gives their contemporary guide to gifting!

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You’re thinking: Gift lists are too traditional

The rule book has officially been torn up. These days, you don’t need to stick to one department store the way your parents did. You can now have all of your favourite brands and add furniture, experiences, honeymoon funds and even donations to a charity. Prezola is the online gift list that combines everything you could ever want on a single easy-to-use list. Mix traditional brands such as Wedgwood and Le Creuset with modern brands including Graham & Green and Sonos, or ask Prezola to add whatever you want!

Top Tip: Add more gifts than guests. Someone with a tighter budget might pick one item, while others may want to purchase a few as a bigger gift.


You’re thinking: We already live together and don’t need anything

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Many couples now live together, so gifting is less about setting up home and more about upgrading to luxe items that you’ve always wanted. If you’re not into wedding china heirlooms, think about fun gifts you’ll keep forever – things like wall prints or cocktail sets. These days, it’s all about choosing presents that reflect your personality and as long as it’s important to you or helps you on your way, guests will love to help.



You’re thinking: I don’t feel right about asking for gifts…

It’s time to get over the registry guilt. Your wedding gift list is a once-in-a-lifetime mega wish list for your dream home, who could say no to that? If asking your friends and family for stylish china or the latest candy-coloured KitchenAid mixer makes you feel uneasy, it shouldn’t. Guests love wedding registries since a gift list makes life easy for them to choose a gift they know you really want and will actually use. And those high-end items? We guarantee there will be wedding guests who are happy to spend extra in honour of such a special occasion. Plus you can easily split the price with group gifting, so multiple friends can club together and contribute to a single item.

Don’t forget that many of your guests are expecting to get you a present for your big day, so you’re actually doing them a favour by choosing things you’ll enjoy. You’ll end up with the dinnerware and décor items you love, rather than six toasters or something quite random that, let’s be honest, you will never use!

Top Tip: Add a range of products with varying price points so guests don’t feel pressured to spend a lot.


You’re thinking: I don’t want any hassle for my guests

Prezola makes it simple for guests, with free delivery and free gift list cards to send out with your invites. Guests much prefer to buy you something they know you really want rather than send something themselves. Wedding gifts are an age-old tradition, so don’t be shy, but if you are thinking of asking guests to bring envelopes with cash on the day, don’t. There are countless stories of money being lost and stolen (and venues won’t insure cash!), or even couples sending cheques made out in the wrong name – nightmare! With Prezola, your money is insured and you get 100% of the cash transferred to your bank account. There are no commission or admin fees and no third parties – you receive all the money.

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You’re thinking: I don’t need anything, we just need money

Gone are the days when asking for money was taboo. If you’re already living together and want money towards a honeymoon or a large purchase, you’re not alone. It’s very common and guests just want to make you happy with something you really want. Prezola makes it discreet too. Add cash gifts such as flight upgrades, cocktails on the beach or spa treatments, so that guests will know they’re buying something personal.

With Prezola, your money is insured and you get 100% of the cash transferred to your bank account. There are no commission or admin fees and no third parties – you receive all the money. It’s a good idea to mix gifts, experiences and cash contributions on your list, so that there’s plenty of choice for guests. Even if you think there’s nothing you need, a gift list is the perfect time to upgrade any student buys or budget furniture – without any cost or hassle!

Top Tip: Guests are happier about giving money if they think their money is going towards something specific rather than one big fund. You receive 100% of the money to spend however you like.


About Prezola

With Prezola, you can quite literally have everything for a modern lifestyle from every brand you love. Choose from thousands of gifts from hundreds of brands such as The White Company, Habitat and Sofa.com, all online alongside honeymoon funds, charity donations and cash contributions. There’s no fees, commission charges or third parties. Prezola makes gift lists a seriously fun way to update your future home, plus it’s easy-peasy for guests too. Create your list for free at www.prezola.com.