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Once you’ve found your perfect dress, selected your dream venue, tasted 20 different types of wedding cake and sorted your seated plan…then changed it, then changed it again you come onto the fun task of creating your Wedding Gift List…

It’s not just about toasters, tea sets and towels…we think the only thing that should limit your Wedding Gift List is your imagination. Compiling your list should be an incredibly exciting part of planning your future together and here Rhiannon Tapper, Wedding List Manager at, has shared five simple tips on how to create the perfect Wedding List:

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Start Early

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Creating your gift list is an incredibly exciting part of planning for your future. The gifts you receive may well be with you for the rest of your life. They will become a reminder of the day you started a new life together. And also of each and every guest who wanted to commemorate that special day so allow yourself plenty of time to carefully select and research everything you choose. We recommend sharing your list with your guests eight weeks in advance of your wedding day. This gives them plenty of time to purchase the gifts and is short enough to avoid any products going out of stock. It’s always a good idea to review your list a couple of weeks before the big day so that you can add extra items if necessary.

 Think Variety

Always make your list longer than you need as your guest will value having a variety of items to choose from. has the world’s largest selection available for wedding gift lists; anything that is available on can be added so make sure you select items that reflect your personality as a couple, and will be things that you can enjoy together. It’s a good idea to have a wide range of gifts across various price points so that you are catering for all budgets. You can also add Gift Cards or include charity donations into your list if you want to.


 Go For What You Love

Don’t be constrained. Whether you want design classics for the home, top-of-the-range cookware, luxury beauty and skincare products, a case of vintage champagne or a pair of bikes so you can kick start a new hobby together, do your research to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. With Amazon’s customer reviews you can make informed choices and read genuine customer feedback across all products. And if there’s something specific you want from another online store, you can opt for the Universal Wish List feature and add that to your list too.

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A Helping Hand

You are likely to have guests of all ages wanting to contribute to your day so make it as easy for them as possible. With an online wedding list you can share the link to your list with guests so they can purchase at the click of a button. will take care of the rest, ensuring you don’t receive duplicates and offering you access to our award winning customer service should you need it. Plus, there’s an extra bonus: as soon as your guests collectively spend £250 on gifts for your wedding, you will receive a £50 gift card. (Ts and Cs apply)

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Say Thank You

Once the wedding and honeymoon are over it’s easy to forget the all important thank you. People still appreciate a hand written thank you card and we provide a Thank You List which allows you to keep track of what has been purchased and by whom, so you can show your gratitude.