Finding the perfect wedding day fragrance is no easy feat. You’ll forever associate that smell with your big day so choose your bridal scent wisely. So we have rounded up the best wedding perfumes for every season.


Wedding Perfumes for Every Season

Top tips:

  • Trial your fragrance before your big day, make sure it’s the one for you and that is really suits you. Fragrances sit differently on everyone, they’re not a one-size-fits-all.
  • When thinking about your wedding perfume try to consider what your bouquet will smell like, you don’t want them to clash but rather to compliment.
  • Spritz your hair and the helm of your dress with your fragrance on your big day.

Summer Wedding Perfumes

When you think of the classic smells of summer, you often think of salty sea air and vibrant summer flowers. During the warmer months, you want something light and alluring without being too heavy and overpowering.

Jo Loves Rose Petal 25 100ml £115

An excuisite anniversary fragrance to mark 25 years of Jo Malone CBE. This delicate concoction of rose petals has a touch of bergamot and a hint of lychee. It’s light, romantic and perfect for bright summer days.

Jo Loves Rose Petal 25
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Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile 100ml £97.11

An elegant bouquet of sweet flowers including rose and peonies, balanced with citrusy top notes from the bergamot and mandarin orange. The Rosa Nobile is light and hearty and a sophisticated summer wedding scent.

wedding perfume
Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile

Givenchy Eau de Givenchy 100ml £49.80 

Eau de Givenchy was designed to “evoke joy and happiness” which makes it more than fitting for a wedding perfume in our eyes. It is refreshingly crisp if you’re not one for floral scents. To us, this fragrance is reminiscent of long, bright summer days.

summer wedding perfume Givenchy
Eau de Givenchy

Autumn Perfumes

The smell of late night bonfires accompanied with hot chocolate and sweet cinnamon treats. The smells of autumn are captivating and finding a bottled equivalent even more so.

Jo Loves Pink Vetiver 100ml £115 

The sweet and spicy smell of pink peppercorns is balanced with the smell of nutmeg and ginger to make this a warming and elegant fragrance. A perfect choice for an autumn wedding.

jo loves wedding fragrance
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Winter Perfumes

The smell of winter is reminiscent of logs of wood burning on the fire, winter fruits. Yet, the crisp clean smell of winter air and freshly fallen snow works as well.

Byredo Eleventh Hour 50ml £105

This robust and bold fragrance has the spices and warmth to sheath you in the most perfect winter scent. It leads with a spicy kick of ban timmur – otherwise known as Szechuan pepper- and cut with a dash of sweet fig.

winter wedding perfume

Spring Perfumes

Spring in the UK is epitomised with blossom trees, freshly mown grass and, of course, rainfall. Look for a scent that’s light and breezy to whisk you off down the aisle.

JO MALONE Peony and Blush Suede 100ml £94

This Jo Malone fragrance is as delicate as it sounds. If you are looking for something romantic and luxurious, this is for you. It is feminine and light thanks to the combination of floral peonies and crisp apple but you will want to top up later in the day.



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