From champagne roses to orange blossom, Rebecca Robinson explores the symbolism of various wedding flowers.

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The symbolism of wedding flowers

For centuries, couples have used the art of ‘floriography’ (the language of flowers) to send secret messages to each other.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry knew about the symbolism of flowers when they designed the royal wedding bouquet. Making selections from royal gardens, they stitched together a story uniquely their own, through the Victorian ‘Language of Flowers’. Weaving Forget-Me-Nots (remembering Princess Diana), Myrtle (used in Queen Victoria’s wedding flowers), and Lily of the valley and Astilbe, symbols of love and devotion.

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Professor Anne Barlow from the University of Exeter recently researched how to build long-lasting relationships. Discovering the strongest relationships are built on friendship she notes respect and realistic expectations play a major factor too.

By uncovering the meaning of flowers helps you create ‘couple goals’ alongside your bouquet, helping you set positive intentions for the big day and beyond.

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Red roses are popular symbols of true love, but let’s see what other flowers have to say.


  • Lilac: We are confident in our love.
  • Jasmine, often used in ancient wedding ceremonies: Our love is beautiful, pure and sensual.
  • Orange Blossom: Our love is eternal and abundant.
  • Red Tulips: Our love will never die.


  • Freesia: Our love is based on friendship, trust and thoughtfulness.
  • Blue Hyacinth: We are devoted best friends and have fun together.

Respect and realistic expectations

  • Champagne Roses: We respect and admire each other.
  • Daffodils: Our lives together are just beginning, and we respect one another.
  • Bird of Paradise: We respect who we are and are excited, joyful and positive for our future.

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  • Sunflowers: We adore each other, and are full of joy, loyalty and dedication.
  • Gladiolus: We are faithful, and our love is strong.
  • Chrysanthemum: We are true to each other, happy and optimistic.
  • Lavender: Our love is devoted, calm and faithful.


  • Hydrangeas: Our emotions are heartfelt, and we are grateful for each other.
  • Dark pink/ peach roses: We are thankful to have each other in our lives.

Deciding which blooms to use in your bouquet can kindle conversations. They can be inspired by the language of flowers, that have the potential to strengthen your marriage even long after the flowers have wilted.

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