Flowers are an important part of any girls big day, and getting it right isn’t just a case of choosing randomly. Let Wedding Ideas give help with the following tips on wedding flowers ideas…

  1. Try to choose flowers in season – not only will they be fresher and cheaper, but they will be more eco-friendly, as they will not have to travel as far. Roses in summer, tulips and narcissi in spring, hydrangeas in autumn and lilies in winter work well.
  2. Think about the shape of your dress when choosing your bouquet – a long, slinky gown will look fab with a sleek spray of orchids while a full dress with lots of detail will suit a small bouquet.
  3. Incorporate personal details – such as the very first flowers your h2b gave you or your grandmother’s favourite blooms.
  4. wedding flowers ideasCurrent trends include using one type of flower in your bouquet – a cluster of white or pink tulips or a tight bunch of roses has that stylish wow factor and you can use the same flower for buttonholes and for the reception tables to give the whole day a co-ordinated look.
  5. Think of alternatives – Confetti bride Louise is using purple chillies in her floral décor, as her husband loves hot food! They will be used in her table centrepieces and even in her bouquet, while another bride Rachel is a busy growing herbs in her garden to include in her flowers.
  6. Think about your centrepieces – the flowers should not overpower with scent and should be low enough for people to be able to see each other. Confetti bride Angela suggests that if you do opt for taller flowers, think about using tall, thin vases which raise the main display over the eye line of the guests, so they can talk to each other without being interrupted.
  7. Use flowers on your place settings for a stunning effect – place a single flower head such as a gerbera on each napkin and tie a simple name tag to each one.
  8. If you have pedestals of flowers at the service – ask if you can transport them to the reception venue so that you can use them again – ask your ushers or best man to arrange transport.
  9. A popular theme this year is birds and butterflies – incorporate them into your floral displays to give added romance.
  10. Why not use plants instead of flowers on your reception tables? Confetti bride Carol used phaelonopsis orchids, planted in pretty steel pots, and gave them away to guests in the evening as a reminder of the day.
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