You’ve got engaged, you’ve got the ring and now it is time to plunge yourself into wedding planning mode. With so many sources of inspiration out there, from magazines to Pinterest to blogs to wedding fairs, it can often feel over whelming at this stage?


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A wedding fair is a great chance to see and touch the products and to discuss your ideas with an industry expert, so they are worth going to as part of your wedding planning journey. But there are so many types of fairs out there so it can be hard to choose which one to go to! There are traditional fairs often held in hotels, vintage fairs, alternative fairs, festival fairs, creative fairs – the list goes on.
When deciding which one to go to, I suggest doing some research first to see if the exhibitors there are likely to get your theme and ideas. Look at the exhibitor list on their website or Facebook page, look up gallery pages from previous events to get a feel for the fair before choosing. Alternatively, go to as many as you can to get a broad set of ideas for your wedding day!


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Before the fair

    1. Think about who the best people to take on the day are, and whether they will be a help or a hinder. Choose people who have embraced your style so they can help you make decisions. If you want to find bridesmaid dresses at the event, then take them along so they can try everything on the day.
    2. Gather all your ideas together into one place to bring along, as showing exhibitors your ideas will really help them to understand your thoughts. Whether it is a Pinterest board on your phone or an actual scrap book, bring it along and refer to it throughout. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you may well be on your feet for a while.
    3. Wear clothes that are easy to take off so you can try on wedding dresses. Also, think about wearing good underwear so you will get a better idea of what you will look like on the day once in the dress. Bring heels if you will be wearing them with your dress as well as any key accessories that you have already chosen.
    4. It is worth setting up a new email address for wedding planning so that all communications go there instead of clogging up your inbox. When the wedding is over you can then close the email account which is easier than unsubscribing to everything. Finally, join the Facebook event page for the fair to get any news on suppliers and timings of workshops and fashion shows. Try to see everything throughout the day, to get the most out of the fair.
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During the Fair


  1. You will meet a lot of suppliers throughout the day so ensure you collect all their business cards so you can refer to them later. If you see something that you really love, take a photo of it with the business card as there’s nothing worse than forgetting the name of your dream accessory designer!
  2. Be open and chat through your plans and ideas with the exhibitors – they will love to hear them. The more you divulge, the more they can add to your ideas. They also may have the perfect design for you, which they haven’t brought with them on the day which they will be keen to share with you.
  3. Try on all the dresses that catch your eye plus any that others recommend to you. Keep an open mind when dress shopping as often the one that you don’t think you like, can turn out to be your dream wedding dress.
  4. Try samples of anything that is offered to you, such as cake and food. Spend some time relaxing too in the tea room or over a glass of fizz, taking the opportunity to review everything that you have seen.
  5. Listen closely to the bands and DJs that are playing as they too are there to promote their services to you, and have a chat with any that you like in between their performances.
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After the fair

You will leave the fair excited with so many ideas whirring around your head.
Refer to the cards that you have collected and follow any favourites on social media to hear of their news and offers. If you have a long lead time to your wedding, do revisit some of the fairs as they will have different exhibitors every time with even more exciting ideas and designs!
We’d love to see you at our fairs across the UK this spring. For more details and dates visit the National Vintage Wedding Fair at


Kate Beavis is a writer and speaker on all things vintage including interiors, fashion, and weddings. Her fair, The National Vintage Wedding Fair, was the first of its kind launched on Valentine’s Day 2010.