Our fab wedding entertainment ideas are the perfect inspiration to keep your guests busy during your big day without blowing the budget. Why not try them out today!

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Know your audience

Start off by thinking about what you and your guests might like, and try to strike a balance between all the different tastes that will be present on the day.

If there will be quite a few older people there, you can keep them entertained with an hour or so of classic music that they can sing along to or maybe ballroom dance to. Mix in classic tracks with more modern ones so that everyone has a break to get drinks and rest their feet.

Include a little note in your wedding invitations asking for wedding entertainment ideas, a list of their five favourite songs or a list of games they enjoy.

Set the mood with music

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A vital ingredient of your wedding, music will set the mood for every part of your day.

You can save money on your big day by creating your own playlist of classical music for the ceremony, drinks and breakfast, on your MP3 player.

If you want to create a bit more of a buzz with the music, go for a live act – a band, solo performer or singing waiters are unbeatable for getting your guests in the party mood.

Or you can create your own live performances with karaoke, which can be a big hit with fun-loving guests and will create some fantastic memories!

Extra entertainers

Let your imagination run wild with your wedding entertainment ideas – circus-style performers will wow your guests with their tricks, and are always great fun for all the family.

Choose from a juggler, sword swallower, unicyclist, belly dancer, hula-hoop dancer, fire breathing, contortionist, escapologist, acrobat are great entertainment ideas!

You might also discover a good local comedian, impressionist, caricaturist or drag act at a public show, and they can be an amusing way to kick off the evening celebrations, especially if their act is made personal to you, your groom and your guests.

DIY wedding entertainment ideas

Depending on the amount of space available at your venue, you could also hold various sports tournaments, using equipment brought by your guests, such as cricket, croquet, boules and rounders.

The Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 Kinect have created a whole new area of possibilities for entertainment and fun for all ages and genders.