Struggling to know which wedding dress style you should choose for your big day? Whether you’re in to horoscopes or not, this is the style of wedding dress you should have according to your star sign…

Most women have dreamt of their wedding dress since they were little, and it is arguably the biggest decision for their big day. But how do you decide on the style of your wedding dress? 

Well, if you’re struggling with choosing a wedding dress style that’s right for you, have analysed various character traits associated with each star sign to reveal what type of dress and designer a bride should consider…

Which wedding dress style should you have according to your star sign? 


Ladies with this star sign are known for their originality and fun personality. They dislike anything boring and dull so when it comes to wedding dresses they should opt for contemporary designs. Designer Amanda Wakeley might have exactly what you’re after.


This star sign represents water, so brides with this star sign may want a dress that is light and flowy. They have artistic and gentle personalities and colours such as lilac or pastel pink will suit them the most. Hayley Page is the epitome of romance and could become your favourite designer.


Women who have Aries as their zodiac sign are known to be courageous, confident and passionate, and this is mirrored in their clothing style! However, comfort is also very important to them. Perhaps dresses screaming ‘fierce femininity’ designed by Rime Arodaky would suit them the most.

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Women who are known to be a Taurus, are romantic and devoted. But when it comes to clothes, they prefer high-quality fashion and often shy away from synthetic fabrics. Justin Alexander is known for his sophisticated wedding dresses that will make ladies with this star sign say YES to the dress!

big bottom princess wedding dress
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Gemini’s are known for their calm personalities. They love to be affectionate and show their feelings, however they can sometimes be shy and nervous in social situations, which only adds to their charm. A romantic wedding gown designed by Essense of Australia could be their number one bridal choice.


Ladies with Cancer as their star sign, are characterised as the ‘mother’ of all zodiac signs. They are caring, sweet-hearted and have an eye for art.Morilee gowns are romantic and ethereal, and the perfect way to begin a new chapter.


These fiery women radiate passion. They are warm-hearted and they like to buy expensive things. They also tend to be the centre of attention and want to be treated like a real-life princess, so a dress by Pnina Tornai will make sure they are, if only for a day!


Women who represent Virgo, love spending time outside in the wild. They love cleanliness and simplicity too, so a dress by British designer Ronald Joyce with clean lines and simple details will be the best fit.

casual floaty wedding dress style
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Libra women are social butterflies and they love the outdoors. Ellis Bridal London create elegant and fluid dresses that are also luxurious and modern.


As suggested by the name and just like the animal, Scorpio women are known for their brave and outgoing personalities. They are also extremely passionate and looking for a fairy tale love story. They are not afraid to take risks and stand out. House of Ollichon offers that perfect ‘dress-less’ combo.


Feeling free is one of the main character traits for women with Sagittarius as their zodiac sign. They dislike being tied down and prefer out of the box clothes that are flowy and Boho inspired. So why not turn to Daughters of Simone who create Boho and vintage inspired wedding gowns.


Those with Capricorn as their star sign love following traditions and are disciplined and responsible. Why not opt for Australian designer Sophia Tolli who knows how to attract brides with a classic and couture familiarity.

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