You walk into a bridal shop, ready for a full day trying on wedding dresses. To your horror, in your morning rush, you’ve forgotten to put on some knickers. If only you had read our fab wedding dress fitting tips…

wedding-dress-fitting-tips-ashtonphotographyWear knickers

While it may seem like an obvious thing to do, it has been known for brides-to-be to turn up to appointments thinking that bridal shops also supply underwear for you to wear with the gowns. Not so. Wear a pair of knickers that you feel comfortable being seen in. Seamless knickers or thongs are best, especially if you’re planning on trying tight-fitting fishtail designs.

Sit down

Again, it may seem obvious but remember to sit down when you have your dress on. When you’re gliding around in the store, and standing in front of the mirror it’s easy to forget that you’re going to be sitting down and eating a three-course meal in this gown!

Take a strapless bra

Take a nude-coloured strapless bra with you to your appointments. Strapless bras can be worn with the majority of wedding dress styles. Also take some fillets to bulk out your bra if you need to. After you have chosen your dress, your assistant can advise you on which style of bra to buy. Some gowns have built-in corsets which may not even require a bra.

Slip on your shoes

If you have already found your perfect pair of bridal shoes, make sure you take them with you to fittings. Slip them on and your bridal assistant will be able to confirm the correct length of your gown. Ideally your skirt should just kiss the floor – not drag along or waft around your ankles.

Do it up properly

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Make sure that any gown you try on is fully done up. Any loose ribbons or undone buttons at the back can affect how the dress looks from the front. “I didn’t realise until my second fitting that my gown actually had an internal corset,” says real bride Anna. “The assistant only did up the outer zip on my first visit, and I couldn’t understand why the dress felt so much tighter the second time around!”


Try on everything!

Don’t dismiss a gown on the hanger. When it comes to wedding dresses, you HAVE to try them on to know what suits you. This is your moment, so enjoy it! Try styles you would never have considered before. Wedding Ideas would say 10 styles would be the ideal amount to try on. Don’t make too many appointments in one day. Two shops maximum. And don’t just buy something because your mum cries when you try it on!

Do your research

If you’re a plus-size bride, look for dedicated boutiques that have sample dresses in your size. Look for collections like Callista, Gorgeous with Curves, Sonsie and Sincerity Plus. These dresses are designed especially with fuller figures in mind with clever internal corsetry and figure-flattering details like ruching and sleeves.

Think about fabrics

Don’t forget to think about the way a dress feels when you have it on and in particular, the texture of the fabric used. Wedding Ideas Award winner Ellie Sanderson from the Ellie Sanderson Boutique says: “We always spend time discussing fabrics with our brides – some lend themselves to different figures better than others. The most popular fabrics are taffeta, silk duping and lace, so make sure you try on dresses made from each of these fabrics to ascertain your favourite. The feel is so important – buying a wedding dress is not only about how it looks or the fabric used, but how it feels and how you feel when you’re wearing it, so don’t be surprised if you fall in love with something that you had no intention of trying.”

Are you a bride or a shop owner? Have you had any dress fitting disasters?