Did you know that choosing the right colour wedding dress for your skin tone is as important as choosing the right shape? You may have fallen in love with a certain silhouette but the wrong colour can wash you out in seconds! When it comes to wedding gowns, white and ivory are just the start! So which shade is right for you?


Fair skin

If you’re an English rose with fair skin, you’ll look best in yellow-toned ivory gowns. Steer clear of the traditional bright white wedding dresses as they will make you look washed out in your wedding photographs.

Medium shades

If your skin is a medium tone and tans easily without burning, look for wedding dresses with a creamier undertone.

Medium with pink undertones

Medium pale skin with a pinky undertones works best with creamier colours like ivory. This is the most popular colour of wedding gown and you’ll find most shop samples in a light ivory colour as standard.

Yellow undertones

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If your skin has yellow undertones, and you want a traditional look, you’re in luck! White dresses will suit you, as will fabrics in a Champagne shade.

Dark skin

Dark skin tones have the most choice – almost every shade of wedding dress will complement your skin. If you have yellow or olive undertones steer away from ivory dresses with a yellow tone and try bright white or rum pink colours instead. Look for gowns by award-winning Ian Stuart and Veromia if you’re dreaming of a coloured wedding dress.

Would you wear a coloured wedding dress or adding a colourful accessory to your outfit?