It looks like Brits are getting a little bit braver, with only a third of them worried about wedding day superstitions…

Ladbrokes Games looked into superstitions still held by people in the modern day, uncovering the fact that only 32% of people still believe it is bad luck to see the bride’s wedding dress before the big day.  Amber&Steve-122

This superstition cropped up again and again throughout the research, they told us, and indicated towards an interesting divide between genders!

Maybe predictably, women were more superstitious – 40%, compared to 19% of men, considered it to be bad luck. This follows the general trend of women being the more superstitious sex in general, with 59% compared to 48% across the board.

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The superstition’s prevalence changes from region to region with some places holding up the tradition and keeping it strong. South West England are the true believers in standing up for traditions with 46% still standing by it being unlucky to see the bride in her wedding dress before the big day.

Check out the regional breakdown

  • South West England (46%)
  • Northern England (35%)
  • Scotland (32%)
  • Wales (31%)
  • Central England (31%)
  • South East England (30%)
  • Republic of Ireland (25%)
  • Northern Ireland (14%)          2012-09-21 00708

Commenting on the interesting findings, Alex Donohue at Ladbrokes said: “The figures show that we’re still a superstitious bunch in the UK and Ireland, and our beliefs are definitely changing with the times.

“As we leave old methods behind, we’re finding new ways to improve our luck and even though these wedding suspicions aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, there are still many people out there who won’t let it completely fade.”

Are you superstitious? There are some strange wedding traditions and beliefs out there! What about women proposing?